Cashless payment in canteens

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With the mocca® product line from ventopay, you can manage the data of your cash registers and vending machines in a central software and can flexibly retrieve all analysis at the touch of a button. Cashless payment with contactless chip cards speeds up processes in restaurants and canteens.

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ventopay’s products have been developed jointly with customers and are adapted to the specific needs of the respective industry. We use proven and modern technologies and ensure the long-term availability of our products.

A canteen works as a restaurant. The issued food must be charged. The difference to a restaurant is the amount of guests who demand the checkout in the canteen. At lunchtime, all employees of a company get together and want to eat as quickly as possible. Essential in this context is a quick billing. A cash register must not be missing in a canteen. In order for the selected products to be paid quickly, the cash register should allow cashless payment in the canteen.This not only reduces the effort for the canteen operator but also for the employees.

Specialist for cash registers in canteens

The company ventopay specializes in the area of cashless payment systems in the community catering sector. For more than 15 years, we have been offering cash registers adapted to the needs of canteens. We enable cashless payment with all its advantages. For employees and guests of the canteen, cashless payment at the POS means faster processing and the extension of the break. Operators profit from a faster stream of guests. With card payment at the cash desk of the canteen, all participants quickly reach their goals – for the employee this means food and for the operator this is payment.

Cashless payment in canteens

Various possibilities for payment at the POS of canteens

With ventopay, different solutions can be used. When paying with wage, the consumptions of the employees are collected at the cash registers and they are billed at the end of the month. When paying with chip cards, the credit is already pre-loaded onto the card. The credit is then used for payment at the canteen’s cash desk. Also, a mixed version is possible.

Common card technologies facilitate connectivity

The specialists from ventopay are at your disposal to integrate card technologies. Whether the Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, Hitag, HID or Nedap, each card can be integrated into the canteen’s cash register. This allows you to integrate several functions on one card. Your employees use one card for access, payment at the POS and other functions. With standard interfaces to other systems such as ERP or personnel management systems, you can maintain your data uniquely and maintain an overview.

cashless payment in canteens: cards for cashless settlement

Modular cash register and payment system for your success

The cash register and payment system from ventopay covers all the consumption points of a canteen. In addition to cash registers, ventopay also provides appropriate moneyloaders for payment with chip card. Guests are offered a guest card machine. Would you like to offer fully automatic coffee, snack and cold drinks machines in your canteen? Again, with our mocca.vend vend machine modules, we allow cashless payment. So you have a cashless version available for all consumption possibilities.

Cash solution with system

The billing solution from ventopay is more than a cash register in the cafeteria. The control system behind this is decisive for perfect integration. With the mocca.admin, the administrative core of the mocca® cash and payment system, you can manage all data centrally. There you will find personal, product data and evaluation options. The extensive reporting system provides an overview of all products that are bought at the canteen’s cash register. Analysis at the touch of a button enable you to control and increase your sales.