Cashless POS system mocca®

Solutions for cash registers, vending machines and pre-ordering systems

Would you like to use a cashless POS system, payment system or billing system in your cafeteria, canteen or in your restaurant? Especially in the area of ​​community catering and gastronomy, nowadays it is particularly important to offer customer the necessary service. After a busy morning, the lunch break is a time to relax and talk for many employees. They are looking forward to good food. What the employee does not want are long queues and therefore cold food. The introduction of a cashless payment system in your restaurant or in your cafeteria is the ideal opportunity for improvements. Payment with cards not only has a hygienic effect because of the elimination of cash but also the processes can be improved because of faster payment. The employees pay with a card and do not have to take any cash with them. In operating restaurants, canteens and cafeterias, one not only benefits from the speed of payment but also from electronical recording of sales data.

Cashless POS system mocca®

How can I use a cashless POS system and / or payment system in my company restaurant?

First of all, it is necessary to select the payment medium. In most cases, employees already have cards for access or time recording. Diverse technologies such as Mifare, Legic, Hitag or Nedap cards are used. These can be used for a payment.

Afterwards, you should decide how the billing should be carried out in your restaurant. The following options are available:

• loading credit on chip card
• billing via salaries
• mixed system of both variants

Top up credit on chip cards

With this solution, a payment sector is implemented on the employee card. This payment sector is charged with credits and during the consumption the amount is deducted from the balance on the card. For this kind of payment system, a cash register software, a management software and a moneyloader are necessary. Payments for the meals are made at the cash register when leaving the restaurant. A card reader is connected to the cash register, which transmits the data of the employee card. Payment is made by placing the card on the card reader.

The management software is necessary for billing and administration. This software also includes a very comprehensive reporting system. In order to be able to pay with credit, the card must be topped up with credit beforehand. This is done at the so-called mocca.value moneyloader. The card is inserted and the current card credit is displayed. Top ups can be made with cash or debit and credit cards.

A further possibility to top up the credit is via salary. The chip is topped up immediately and billing is made to the payroll at the end of the month.

Billing via payroll

This is an invoice in retrospect. Employees consume and pay with putting the card on the card reader. It is not necessary to charge the card beforehand, as the food is paid at the end of the month via payroll. For this variant, a cash register and a management software are necessary, the moneyloader can be omitted.

Of course, the possibility of paying cash remains open for both options. In order to convince the employees of a cashless payment system, a subsidy is usually linked with the payment cards. This means that the employee receives a certain amount from the company as a supplement to lunch.

It is also very useful to integrate interfaces with other systems, for example wage accounting or ERP systems. This allows the data to be automatically synchronized and no maintenance is required.

There is also the possibility to integrate coffee, drinks and vending machines in the system. Again, the card is put on the reader and either the credit is deducted directly (chip card payment) or the billing is done in retrospect (payroll accounting).

Easy billing of all cashless components

The cashless POS and payment system mocca® contains all the base and transactional data from cash registers, vending machines, moneyloaders and pre-order systems. All components are fully integrated and can be managed centrally with an intuitive user interface. This allows the restaurant manager to survey all components in the restaurant and to evaluate the sales data from his workplace. At a glance, you can see which screws need to be turned to increase sales.

system graphic mocca® system

Automatic data transfer and individual administration

The devices are network-capable and can be operated both online and offline. All mocca® products store the data locally and send it automatically to the management center, where they are evaluated. The head office manages either a single cash register, several cash registers or several companies. The base data is managed centrally or individually per restaurant.

tablet with Webinterface of the pre-ordering system mocca.order

 Specialized in contactless chip cards and tokens

We are specialized in chip card and token technologies and therefore support Mifare, NFC (Near Field Communication), Legic, Hitag, Nedap, HID 125kHz, ISO 14443A / B, ISO 18092 and other chip cards on request. We also integrate your existing cards.

Configurable interfaces and audit-proof data storage

The interfaces to ERP, room management, SAP and HR systems already exist and enable a smooth exchange of data. The cash register and payment system mocca® is audit-proof and complies with all current security guidelines (GoBS, Guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Finance). Through our own development department at the Hagenberg site, we have the possibility to meet special requests and requirements of your company.