Cash register systems for caterers

mocca® for caterers

The mocca® cash register and payment system has been specially developed for the needs of caterers. All essential components (cash register, moneyloaderapps, vending machine modules, certified interfaces to scales, EC terminals, HR systems, ERP systems, …) were developed in-house. Therefore, ventopay guarantees that as a customer, you always have a competent contact person who can solve your requirements and problems efficiently.

Catering companies are subject to a high competitive pressure and have to keep administration costs as low as possible. At the same time, they are intended to use sales-enhancing measures – e.g. loyalty programs. The cash register and payment system from ventopay supports you in implementing these high requirements efficiently and with a minimum of time.

mocca® for caterers

Why is the mocca® system perfectly suited for caterers?

A key point for catering companies is the unified management of data in one system and the simple comparison of different locations. Since ventopay’s mocca® system is client-capable, the access rights can be set very simply and individually and all data is stored in a database, ventopay offers enormous advantages for catering companies. The system is designed for a large amount of data: reports over several restaurants and long periods are generated within seconds due to the specially developed data warehouse concept.

Why does mocca® save an enormous amout of time?

An essential component for efficient management are simple reports – in the best case created automatically. With ventopay’s mocca® system, you define all your daily, monthly and annual reports once. These are then automatically sent to your employees or customers by email. Alternatively, the reports can also be saved or opened on a drive. With this mocca.reporting+ solution, ventopay customers minimize administrative effort and increase the quality of their work.

mocca® for caterers

Everything from one source!

The success concept of ventopay is that its own development department produces all essential components such as cash registers, moneyloaders, vending machine modules and pre-order systems. Annoying interface coordination between several companies are a thing of the past. ventopay relies on standard components, is flexible in terms of the selection of hardware and is not tied to a manufacturerer.

What about support from ventopay?

Due to the fact that all major software components are developed in-house, ventopay’s support team can quickly localize and solve any problems. Most requests can be solved via remote maintenance. The well-trained support staff sit close to the development department, thus solving complex requests very quickly. For hardware problems, we guarantee a good network coverage in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with our own branches and local partners.

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