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Transparent information ensures satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are the basis of every business success. If you want to attract new customers or better retain existing ones, you need to understand their needs and meet their wishes. Often customers simply want the transparent supply of information that is relevant to them. Among other things, this works with a user-friendly customer information system. ventopay has the optimal solution for this with mocca.digitalsignage.

Customer information system for high customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the basis of every entrepreneurial success. If you want to win new customers or keep the already existing ones and bind them better, you have to understand and meet your constomer’s needs. This is achieved with the help of a user-friendly customer information system. mocca.digitalsignage is the perfect solution for that.

Individually adaptable to customers’ needs

With mocca.digitalsignage, every monitor in the restaurant can be filled with information that is tailored to your customers. In mocca.admin preconfigured design templates save you time-consuming design measures. You can make adjustments to the company’s corporate design at any time and with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, you can also define the prices of the individual components of a meal and display them to the customer.

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Easy management

Thanks to the mocca.digitalsignage standard interface, common ERP systems (eg: Delegate) can easily be integrated into the mocca® system environment. If you do not have an ERP system, mocca.digitalsignage can also be managed via mocca.admin. After the initial set-up and configuration by ventopay and the customer, the system runs completely automated and no major administrative expenses are required.

Compliant with current legal requirements

Of course, mocca.digitalsignage, like all other mocca® products, is compliant with current legal requirements. All products and components can be described with allergens, contents or additives, thus enabling an optimal transfer of information to the customer.

Conscious nutrition made easy

For many people, the topic of “conscious nutrition” is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Prof. Dr. Volker Peinelt developed the “Gastronomic Traffic Light System” (GAS) to evaluate and characterize food, dishes and diet plans according to nutritional physiological and preventive-medical aspects. It is integreated into mocca.digitalsignage and even food in the “free-flow” can be marked with it. This gives the guests a fast orientation and helps the canteen operator to optimize the offers.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • time savings in administration
  • design according to your own wishes
  • transparent price and information design
  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • compliant with all legal regulations

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