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With the mocca® system ventopay has always pursued the goals of fast payment, simple billing and high customer loyalty. But what exactly does ventopay offer in terms of customer loyalty?

The customer loyalty opportunities

A separate administration area for the various customer loyalty modules has recently been available in the mocca.admin management software.

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Contact information

With this module, contact details can be stored, which are then displayed in the mocca.loyalty app or the mocca.loyalty website. For emails it is also possible to store predefined subjects, in the example these are “General Inquiry” and “Catering Order”.

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The newsfeed module allows the creation of news articles that are displayed in the newsfeed of the mocca.loyalty app, the mocca.loyalty website or in the pre-order system mocca.order.

Each news post can be designed individually, fields for title, image and text are available, in addition links to websites or PDFs can be stored.

The modalities for the display can also be precisely defined: the period of validity (start and end of the display), the type of newsfeed (location of the display such as the home page, job module in the app or mocca.order) as well as the limitation of the display to individual restaurants or target groups are among the many possibilities.

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Area management

The occupancy status of the individual restaurants or restaurant areas can be managed via the “Area Management” module. By entering the maximum number of seats and the average length of stay, a traffic light system can be used to automatically show whether the occupancy is in the green, yellow or red area.

By retrieving this information, your guests always know immediately whether there are enough seats in the restaurant or whether the visit to the canteen should be postponed to a later date if possible.

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Bonus system

The mocca.loyalty bonus system is already an established module in the overall mocca® system. It enables your guests to collect bonus points, which can be exchanged for attractive rewards.

In mocca.admin you can define different bonus periods as well as bonus levels for different customer groups according to your individual wishes.

The mocca.loyalty module is available for the mocca.loyalty app and the mocca.loyalty website, but can also be integrated directly into the system via the mocca.value moneyloader.

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Promotional activities

In the “Promotional acitivities” module, you can store advertising images and set their order, display duration and period of validity. The advertising images can then be assigned to the individual cash registers or even cash register groups at which these advertising images are then displayed for the guests.

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In the “” module you manage the health and nutritional information for the nutrient diary For example, you store different activity levels, which are used to calculate the personal nutritional requirements of your guests.

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This module enables you to create questions which you can use to collect guest feedback. There is a large number of different question types to choose from. The repetition rate of the questions can also be precisely defined; you decide whether the questions can only be answered once, daily, weekly, monthly or always.

You can assign the questions to either individual customer groups or bonus levels. Alternatively, questions can also be restricted for a specific article – for example, you can ask whether the heat of the lasagna was suitable for your guests.

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