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Since January 1, 2016, entrepreneurs has been obliged to create a receipt for cash payments and to hand it over to the buyer. The customer must accept the receipt and take it with him so that the financial administration can, if necessary, carry out checks.

During a big event or a high number of guests, this entails disadvantages. On the one hand, the issuing and printing of the receipts causes considerable time and money. On the other hand, most of the receipts are directly directly into the waste bin causing large quantities of avoidable paper waste.

ventopay offers a practical solution for these problems. With the mocca® system developed by ventopay, receipts at the POS are a thing of the past.

ventopay abolishes paper receipts

mocca® is a complete POS and payment system for caterers, company canteens, hospitals, universities, stadiums and schools. The entire system is modular. All single components interlock seamlessly. By integrating the cashless payment function into the overall system, the electronic transmission of the receipts is made possible:

After completion of each cashless transaction using a payment card, an electronic receipt is automatically generated in the mocca® system. The holder of such a payment card (usually the employee’s ID card) can also view his own electronic receipts at any time. mocca® moneyloaders, info terminals and an app are available for this purpose. If required, the receipts can also be printed.

This approach is made possible by the real-time integration of mocca® system modules. This all-in-one solution with perfect integration of the individual components is unique to the community catering market. The mocca® system offers a considerable competitive advantage especially during peak times.

mocca® also offers many other innovative solutions for community hospitality. Numerous well-known caterers, companies, hospitals, stadiums and arenas, universities and schools as well as vending machine operators already rely on mocca® from ventopay for their cashless cash register and payment systems.

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