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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all frequently asked questions (FAQs) about ventopay, the mocca® cash register and payment system, payment options and services.

About ventopay

The name ventopay stands for the effort to bring fresh wind (vento) into the fields of billing and payment (pay).

The ventopay headquarters is located in Softwarepark Hagenberg in Upper Austria. There are other locations in Vienna, Essen and Augsburg. With its service partners, ventopay has more than 100 branches throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is therefore always close to you.

The mocca® products are only available from ventopay. Immediately contact us via vertrieb@ventopay.com, our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

These ten reasons speak for ventopay:

  1. total system provider: everything from one source
  2. innovative products through the inclusion of research results
  3. 100 service-locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  4. centralization of all data
  5. easy integration of additional modules
  6. intuitive operation and appealing design
  7. time & effort savings on payment & billing
  8. data & IT security
  9. numerous well-known references
  10. 20 years of experience

mocca® products

Yes, mocca® has a modular structure. You can expand the system with additional modules and/or locations at any time.

Yes, mocca® is multi-client capable. For this reason, access, reading and writing rights can be managed individually and easily.

Yes, the mocca® products are offline-capable. In the event of a network failure, device operation continues uninterrupted offline until a connection can be established again. Then the data is automatically transferred to the billing system.

The costs for the mocca® POS system depend on the scope of the mocca® modules used in the overall system. The ventopay sales team will be pleased to advise you on the possibilities in your company during a non-binding appointment and to submit an offer according to your requirements.

Make your inquiry via vertrieb@ventopay.com, the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

ventopay offers standardized interfaces for the efficient exchange of base and sales data with all standard third-party systems:

  • ERP systems
  • HR systems
  • access systems
  • time recording systems
  • SAP
  • HL7
  • payroll programs

More information about the interfaces can be found under mocca.interfaces.

Payment options

mocca® supports all types of payment, namely open, closed and mixed systems.

Open payment system (open-loop system):

  • cash payment
  • payment by debit card
  • payment by credit card
  • payment with girogo

Closed payment system (closed-loop System):

  • cashless payment with chip cards
  • cashless payment with tokens
  • cashless payment with wearables (key chains, bracelets, …)
  • cashless payment via barcodes
  • cashless payment via wages and salary

Mixed payment system (open- and closed-loop system)

Open payment systems offer the following advantages:

  • no additional payment medium for the guests
  • no credit charges required
  • no clearing process required
  • lower investment costs

Closed payment systems offer the following advantages:

  • very fast and easy payment (0.2 seconds)
  • no ongoing transaction costs
  • payment card serves as advertising space
  • 100% offline-capability through ventopay technologies

Fields of application

mocca® can be used for:

  • company restaurants
  • caterers
  • universities & schools
  • stadiums, arenas & recreational facilities
  • hospitals & care facilities
  • vending machine operators

mocca® can be used in companies with more than 100 employees. Just send us your inquiry via vertrieb@ventopay.com. The ventopay sales team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities in your company.

Yes, mocca® has been specially developed for use in large companies. The advantages of the mocca® system include its modular structure with the simple extension with additional modules or locations, offline and multi-client capability, and the highest level of data and IT security.


Yes, the advice is completely without obligation and free. Make an appointment for a personal consultation via vertrieb@ventopay.com.

Send us your inquiry now via vertrieb@ventopay.com. The ventopay sales team will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a personal appointment. Of course, you are also welcome to call +43 5 7236 – 200 or send an email to vertrieb@ventopay.com.

The ventopay support is located at the headquarters in Hagenberg. Many questions about the software are solved remotely in seconds. Complex inquiries or potential issues can also be resolved quickly due to the proximity to the development department.

In addition, service technicians are available for hardware maintenance at more than 100 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The ventopay support is available from Monday to Thursday 07:00 – 16:00 and Friday from 07:00 – 14:00 under the following contact options:

Tel AUT: +43 5 7236 – 400

Tel GER: +49 201 874697 – 65

Mail: support@ventopay.com

ventopay offers both software and hardware maintenance.


mocca® is audit-proof and complies with all current security guidelines. This was confirmed by the renowned Tengelmann Auditing Services & Consulting GmbH.

In addition, virus scans and updates of the operating system ensure that access to sensitive data is only possible with authorization.

Yes, mocca® is 100% tax compliant.

Yes, mocca® is 100% RKSV compliant.

Yes, mocca® is 100% KassenSichV compliant.

ventopay as an employer

A total of more than 50 employees work at the locations in Hagenberg, Vienna, Essen and Augsburg.

Please send us your unsolicited application to jobs@ventopay.com.

ventopay offers employees a variety of benefits:

  • varied projects
  • flexible working hours
  • further education
  • good traffic connection & parking spots
  • company trips
  • coffee breaks
  • daily meal subsidy
  • fresh fruit & vegetables

You can read more about the benefits under Career.

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