What is ventopay?

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What does ventopay stand for?

The name ventopay describes our endeavor to bring a breath of fresh air (vento) into billing and payment (pay).

What is mocca®?

mocca® is the name of our product line. All products in the mocca® overall system are named accordingly with mocca.touch, mocca.value, mocca.loyalty, etc.

What does ventopay actually do?

ventopay is the specialist for cashless POS, payment and accounting systems in community catering. In addition, we develop innovative customer loyalty solutions such as apps, websites and digital signage systems.


& awards

  • “Top Company” award from kununu
  • 1st place in the Young Entrepreneur Award (Junge Wirtschaft OÖ)
  • 2nd place in the “IT & Communication” category at the prize
    for the best innovations in Upper Austria (CHEFINFO)
  • 3rd place in the Best Business Award “31 to 100 employees” category  (BBA)
  • 7th place in the young entrepreneur award (Gewinn)
  • Top 10 placements at the Pegasus Award (OÖNachrichten)
  • Top 50 placement at the growth champion (Profil)

Furthermore, we achieved 4.9 out of 5 stars and a recommendation rate of 100% on the employer rating platform kununu.

What ois our vision?

Our vision is to become the leading provider of cashless POS and payment systems as well as customer enthusiasm solutions in the entire region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland by 2025.



What are our values?

The most important values for ventopay are:

  • innovation
  • quality
  • team spirit

What ois our mission?

Our mission is to offer our customers:

  • fast payment
  • easy billing
  • high customer enthusiasm


What is our motto?

Our team motto is “Team mocca® – strongly inspiring”.



& crisis-proof

  • broad market strategy in highly diversified industries
  • many years of expertise in the digitization of sales processes
  • digitization and individualization of customer communication
  • innovation & technology market leader

What is our social engagement like?

ventopay has been part of the “United Against Waste” initiative for years. Together with many other companies, we have set ourselves a goal: halving avoidable food waste by 2030.

Every year at Christmas, ventopay makes a generous donation to a good cause. The attempt is to support charitable institutions in the area or with reference to employees.

In addition, we regularly give clients of the neighboring Diakoniewerk the opportunity to support us with the office activities that arise and thus bring a little variety into everyday life.

During the Corona crisis, ventopay also takes its role as a responsible company in helping to contain the pandemic very seriously and offers its employees free antigen tests.


& figures

  • Founding of ventopay: 2012
  • Move to new building: 2021
  • Locations: 4
  • Service partner locations: 100
  • End customers: 500
  • Annual customer projects: 50
  • Research projects: 3
  • Employees: >50
  • Quota of women: 25%
  • Motivation: 110%