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The following references provide information about which projects we were able to implement so far and which project-specific challenges had to be overcome.

Customer statement Lufthansa Group Taste & More

“Coming from a classic POS system, we switched to a payment app developed by ventopay today with the pilot start in our company in Raunheim. Both the ventopay team and our team were and are enthusiastically involved in this project and you can see that in the result. In my more than 40-year professional career, I have been able to support a large number of projects. I’ve never been so “relaxed” as on the opening day in Raunheim.” - Rainer Geng, Managing Director, Lufthansa Group Taste & More

Customer statement GO Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH

ventopay responded to all of our requests. This enabled us to launch many innovations in a short time. Our guests are enthusiastic about mobile payment, the customer loyalty app and pre-orders. - Marlene Millidorfer, Head of Organizational Development, Goods Management & IT at GO Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH

Customer statement Julius Blum GmbH

"With the new mocca.order® pre-ordering system, around 6,000 employees at blum can easily and conveniently pre-order and pay using their smartphone or PC. We therefore supply our employees in 8 different plants to around 100 delivery locations as required." - Stefan Rauchegger, IT Project Manager, HR, Julius Blum GmbH

Customer statement Ernsting‘s family GmbH & Co. KG

"The company ventopay was the ideal partner for the switch to cashless payment in our service center and our distribution centers. Our expectations were more than fulfilled, and we can already see that the new system will greatly simplify the catering processes for the approximately 1,000 employees." - Dirk Graf, Department Manager User Service, Ernsting's family

Customer statement ratiopharm arena Ulm/Neu-Ulm

“We have every confidence in the competence of ventopay and certainly made the right choice for the provider of the cash and payment system.The implementation was always professional despite of time pressure – an optimal project.” - Marvin Stegmann, Project Manager, ratiopharm arena Ulm/Neu-Ulm

Customer statement Julius Blum

“With ventopay we have found the right partner for the transfer of Quick. The modules for cashless payment at the vending machines meet all of the requirements we had beforehand.“ - Simon Hämmerle, Finance / Controlling, Julius Blum GmbH

Customer statement VEBO Genossenschaft

“We opted for mocca® from ventopay as we wanted to have a total solution from an innovative and reliable supplier. The project preparation and introduction of the new POS and payment system were to our fullest satisfaction." - Beat Gerber, Head of Commercial and Social Services, VEBO Genossenschaft

Customer statement ÖMBG

"Currently, ÖMBG and ventopay are jointly developing a pioneering customer loyalty program in a two-year project. With the help of new technologies we will be able to offer our guests many advantages in the future. The high quality and the innovative power of ventopay have been fascinating me. “ - DDR. Franz Haslauer, Managing Director, Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. (ÖMBG)

Customer statement WAGO GmbH

“The decision to commission ventopay for this project was absolutely the right one. They could easily use the existing interfaces to take over remaining credits from the obsolete system and to integrate the mocca® system into the existing SAP.” - Astrid Burschel, Project Manager, WAGO GmbH

Customer statement SK Rapid Wien GmbH

“The introduction of the cash register and payment system from ventopay in the new stadium took place to our complete satisfaction. Particularly the project management is to be emphasized positively." - Mag. Raphael Landthaler, Head of Finance and Organizational Development, SK Rapid Wien GmbH

Customer statement Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH

"After intensive consultation with ventopay the ideal solution has emerged quickly. We have said goodbye to the old I²C chips and consistently switched to the Mifare technology." - Reiner Kühne, Project Manager, Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH

Customer statement Wiener Netze GmbH

“All the requirements of WIENER NETZE, such as interfaces to the ERP system, were solved by the company ventopay to the greatest satisfaction. The whole POS system as well as the administration of cashless payments (card payment) are now integrated into one system." - Andreas Lang, KDI-IT

Customer statement Lenzing AG

"With the competent team and the fast reaction times of the company ventopay the changeover was realized quickly and easily. The automatic re-encoding of the employee cards during the initial contact with the system and the interfaces to other systems are to be emphasized." - Josef Pesendorfer, HR Austria, Lenzing AG

Customer statement Caseli GmbH

“We are already looking back on a long-term partnership with ventopay. In this cooperation we have always appreciated the good service of the company. The staff is friendly, competent and helpful." - Harald Böcksteiner, Head of POS and billing systems, Caseli GmbH

Customer statement Peak Technology GmbH

"We were delighted by the professional project management of the company ventopay. The company is very well organized and proactively takes care of the correct implementation of the installation. Also the further accompaniment is very satisfactory.” - Philipp Staudinger, Commercial Manager, Peak Technology GmbH

Customer statement Magna ECS

"After conversions with Dr. Langer and his team, the system from ventopay could convice us best and the changeover to the new POS system mocca.touch and a moneyloader machine mocca.value was made possible withouth problems within a short time." - Edgar Fürst, Head of Purchasing and Facility Management, Head of the company canteen

Customer statement Siemens City

“We are very satisfied with the mocca® payment system. The integration and development of the ATM terminal as well as the interface to our room booking and billing systems were carried out very flexibly and smoothly. The changeover of our four locations to the mocca® payment system has been prepared and implemented very professionally by ventopay.” - Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pircher, CEE Supply Chain Management

Customer statement Eurest

“ventopay’s POS and payment solutions convince with their appealing design, maximum system availability and flexibility. We can evaluate reports and analyzes centrally, which is a major competitive advantage for Eurest." - Anselm Bothe, CFO, Eurest Restaurationsbetriebsgesellschaft m. b. H.

Customer statement voestalpine AG

“I am extremely positively surprised that the changeover works so smoothly – I am actually used to something different in regards to these changeovers. Above all, the fact that the data import can be carried out so easily, although the data of the plant protection often changes, shows the flexibility of the system.” - Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Mayr, Project Manager, voestalpine AG

Customer statement Rudolf Wagner KG

"With ventopay, we have found a competent and reliable partner for cash register and vending machine solutions. ventopay has the appropriate know-how for the integration of a wide range of customer card systems (Hitag, Legic, Mifare). This ensures short response times for inquiries.” - Thomas Steinhäusler, Sales Manager, Rudolf Wagner KG

Customer statement Netz Burgenland Strom GmbH

"Thanks to the competent staff at ventopay, we were able to meet our complex requirements for customer groups with this flexible system. The colleagues of the restaurant are pleased with the simple and appealing interface.” - Ing. Sabine Schäffer, MA, Internal Services / Application Development, Netz Burgenland Strom GmbH

Customer statement Ordensklinikum Linz GmbH Elisabethinen

“From the beginning, ventopay was a partner who has been very flexible in adapting the mocca® system to our requirements. We have now put this system into operation for a year. Both the payment with cash or with card as well as the billing with affiliated companies or the internal evaluation function without problems." - Mag. Thomas Peneder M.A., Deputy Head of Human Resources, Ordensklinikum Linz GmbH Elisabethinen

Customer statement Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH

“The introduction of ventopay’s mocca® POS system has worked out to our fullest satisfaction. All questions and uncertainties that occurred during the changeover were recorded by ventopay and handled professionally." - Dietmar Wolf, Facility Management, Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH

Customer statement Linz AG

"ventopay convinced us through optimal service and highest product quality. The ventopay systems are very clearly programmed and extremely easy to evaluate. We made great experiences with the mocca® cash register and pre-ordering system – I would therefore like to praise ventopay.“ - Alfred Bachl, responsible for social affairs and the cash register system in the company restaurant of Linz AG

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