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Cashless payment and billing

With the mocca® cash register and payment system from ventopay, you will receive a complete system for the efficient handling of payment transactions in community catering. mocca® covers all consumption points of a canteen, whereby all system modules also function cashlessly.

Innovative overall system

Thanks to its modular design, the mocca® system can be extended with additional components at any time. In addition to various stationary and mobile cash registers, ventopay also offers moneyloaders and guestcard machines, which are required for cashless payment with chip cards. In addition, with the mocca.vend vending machine modules it is possible to integrate vending machines for coffee, beverages and snacks into the mocca® system.

mocca® software

Quick payment

Easy billing

High customer enthusiasm

Details to mocca® software
mocca system overview

Quick payment

mocca® enables cashless payment with all its advantages. With the cashless payment solution from ventopay, all target groups can be served faster.

For payment at the canteen cash register, the chip card must be held briefly to the reader. The corresponding amount will be deducted immediately from the card balance.

This shortens waiting times at the checkout, pleases your customers and increases your throughput.

In addition to the classic cash payment, ventopay offers three different options for fast and cashless payment:

Payment with chip card

The employee card must be recharged with credit at the moneyloader mocca.value. This works by means of cash, debit or credit card or salary. With cashless payment at the cash register, the amount is deducted from the card balance within fractions of a second.

Payment with salary

When paying with salary, it is not necessary to charge the card with credit. The consumptions are collected per employee and paid at the end of the month via the payroll.

Mixed version

Of course, a mixed version is possible, which allows both chip card and salary payment.

cash register and payment system mocca.pos and mocca.touch

Simple billing

With the mocca® cash registers and the cashless payment system, you can manage the base and transaction data of all modules in the central management software mocca.admin. Base data is managed either centrally or individually per restaurant. The evaluation of the transaction data takes place according to the needs either for a single cash register, several cash registers or different companies.

An intuitive user interface is available for managing and analyzing the data. Evaluations can be created at the touch of a button with the comprehensive reporting system. The restaurant or operations manager always has an overview of all the components in the gastronomy from his workplace, which enables efficient control of the company restaurant. It can be seen at a glance what has to be done in order to increase sales.

All mocca® modules are network-compatible and can be operated both online and offline. The devices store all transaction data locally and automatically send it to the control center when connected. You therefore always have the certainty that even in the event of a network outage, the cash registers and machines function smoothly.

High customer enthusiasm

With innovative customer enthusiasm solutions, ventopay increases the satisfaction of your guests and binds them more strongly to your company restaurant. With the customer app you can communicate directly and intuitively with your guests and inform them about news in the company, menu plans in the canteen and current offers.

The integrated bonus program mocca.loyalty delights your guests and encourages them to make further purchases. Future-oriented functions such as the nutrient diary complement the many possibilities of the app.

Standardized interfaces

By integrating standardized interfaces to other systems, you wait your data once and ensure a smooth data exchange. The data is automatically synchronized and any maintenance is eliminated.

A selection of the available interfaces are: inventory management, room booking, SAP, HR, payroll, HR and ERP.

mocca.value moneyloader

Revision-safe data management

The cash register and payment system mocca® is audit-proof and complies with all common laws and security guidelines, for example the GoBD as well as the record keeping, document granting and cash registers duty.

Proven technologies for long-term availability

ventopay’s products have been developed in collaboration with customers and experts, and are tailored to the specific needs of each industry. Proven and innovative technologies are used, ensuring long-term availability of the products.

The advantages of the mocca® system:

  • innovative complete system with modular design
  • fast payment & easy money collection
  • selection of different payment methods
  • faster customer service & less waiting time at the POS
  • simple & central billing of all cash registers, vending machines & modules
  • intuitive user interface
  • evaluations at the push of a button
  • high customer enthusiasm through apps & bonus programs
  • standardized interfaces
  • audit-proof system
  • long-term availability

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