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Suitable for all common machines and payment technologies

The vending machine modules mocca.vend support all common vending machines such as classic coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines, beverage machines, snack machines, vending machines and deposit machines and support payment by chip card or smartphone.

Pay with chip card or smartphone

Also with regard to the card type, the payment system for machines is open to all common technologies. No matter if vending machine operators prefer to pay with Mifare, NFC (Near Field Communication), Legic, Hitag or other contactless cards – mocca.vend reads all card types.

In addition, mocca.vend is also available in a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) variant, which enables cashless payment via smartphone.

Expand existing cards with a payment system for vending machines

To get the maximum benefit from using the mocca.vend machine modules, your existing access or time registration cards can be integrated into the mocca® system. By adding an additional function to the cards, you enable your employees to make cashless payments at vending machines.

Thus, only one card is used to perform multiple actions. If you do not yet have smart cards in use, the specialists at ventopay will be glad to assist you in selecting and introducing your individual cards.

Suitable for every machine

The vending machine module mocca.vend is also ideal for small machines such as fully automatic coffee machines. Due to the modular structure, with the reader and control board separated, mocca.vend adapts to your needs. The vending machine modules are configured by ventopay exactly for use at the respective vending machine.

No more time-consuming cash handling

Not only during lunchtime, but also outside the opening hours of the canteen, you offer your employees the benefits of cashless payment.

After the equipment of the coffee machines with the payment system, mocca.vend eliminates the annoying cash payment for your employees. The search for the necessary small change is a thing of the past with the vending machine module from ventopay.

In addition, the cost and time-intensive cash handling will be eliminated for you as the operator.

Heroimage Vending machine module mocca.vend

Data transmission via network, WLAN or USB

With the use of mocca.vend you integrate another consumption point into the mocca® complete system. The transmission of the data to the central accounting system takes place  with USB stick, via network or WLAN, depending on the type of the desired machine module.

Module with offline functionality

The payment system for vending machines is also operational offline and transmits the transaction data fully automatically to the control center as soon as a connection can be established again.

In the central management software mocca.admin the data of the mocca.vend machine module can be easily evaluated. You always have a central view that allows you to view and manage all consumptions at the vending machine.

Features and advantages:

  • suitable for all common vending machines & card types
  • pay cashless with cards or smartphone
  • modular design with small dimensions
  • automatic configuration
  • elimination of cash handling
  • data transmission via network, WLAN or USB
  • offline function
  • simple evaluation & billing

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