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Increase your customer loyalty

mocca.loyalty is a bonus program for your guests. The module fits seamlessly into products of the existing mocca® complete system such as the mocca.loyalty app or the mocca.loyalty website. Your guests enjoy bonus points and rewards, you benefit from stronger customer loyalty and increased sales in your company restaurant.

Easy collection of bonus points

With each consumption your guests accumulate bonus points according to the turnover. You decide how many points are awarded for which sales. The accumulated points of the customer are summed up and can be exchanged into attractive bonuses after reaching a certain bonus level immediately.

Freely definable bonus levels and bonuses

The number and steps of the individual bonus levels are freely definable. Likewise the bonuses of the customer loyalty program: From discount vouchers to free products you can offer your guests a lot. For example, it is possible to award higher discount vouchers for higher total sales.

The customer can decide for himself when he wants to activate a bonus.

He can either redeem his accumulated bonus points already at the achievement of the first bonus level or continue collecting until he reaches another level with a higher bonus value.

For example, it is possible to introduce the following three levels for the bonus program in your employee restaurant:

  • Bonus Stage 1 (25 points collected):
    25% off a lunch menu
  • Bonus level 2 (50 points collected):
    50% off a lunch menu
  • Bonus level 3 (100 points collected):
    a free lunch menu
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Redeeming premiums made easy

If your guest wants to redeem his bonus points, he can print his voucher with just a few clicks on the mocca.value monyloader. Of course, the voucher can also be generated directly on the smartphone, if the guest uses the loyalty function of mocca.loyalty App.

The barcode on the printed receipt will be scanned at checkout, giving the guest his discount or free product. After redeeming the voucher, the score in the customer loyalty program will be reset.

Customer loyalty and sales increase

The bonus program enables you to establish strong customer loyalty with little effort. Special incentives such as free products or discounted menus will encourage your guests to visit your canteen more often. This increases customer loyalty and your sales.

Features and advantages:

  • seamless integration into the overall system
  • stronger customer loyalty
  • increased sales
  • various customer loyalty programs can be activated simultaneously
  • freely definable bonus levels
  • award of individual premiums
  • voucher with discount code can be created by the customer
  • easy redemption at the desired time

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