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Successful customer loyalty through website a with added value

Would you like to get in direct contact with your customers in order to provide them with important information about menu offers and the company and to obtain feedback at the same time? In addition, would you like to offer them valuable functions that make life easier? Then the mocca.loyalty website is the right product for you. The website has all the functions of the mocca.loyalty app and enables your customers to access information and use practical functions from anywhere.

Comprehensive functions for increased customer satisfaction

With the mocca.loyalty website, all functions are available that can also be used in the mocca.loyalty app. Reading news articles, viewing credits, bonus points and invoices as well as options for pre-ordering and payment are just some of the functions that increase the customer satisfaction of your guests. You decide for yourself which features you want to offer your guests – standard functions can be activated or deactivated at any time.

Always up to date with the home screen

The website’s home screen shows your guests all relevant information at a glance, such as the remaining credit, the last transactions and the current bonus level. The underlying newsfeed ideally supports you in targeted communication. Tell company news, show the current menu plan and inform about current offers.

Duty to provide receipts 100% fulfilled

All receipts of past transactions, including all invoice details, can be viewed, saved and printed out via the website. As a result, the obligation to provide receipts according to the German KassenSichV and Austrian RKS-V is 100% fulfilled.

Check and top up your credit balance

Your guests can always check the current credit balance via the mocca.loyalty website and top it up immediately if necessary. For this purpose, billing options via wages & salaries, credit card, Sofortüberweisung and Klarna are available as standard. If desired, however, over 20 expansion options such as PayPal can be activated.

Extension modules for even more customer orientation

In addition to the standard functions described, the following expansion modules can also be integrated: The mocca.loyalty bonus program, the nutrient diary, the module for newsfeed and feedback and the mocca.order ordering system.

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Increase in sales through individual bonus programs

With mocca.loyalty you create bonus programs in which your guests collect valuable points with every consumption, which they can exchange for attractive rewards. You can not only define the bonus levels but also the premium individually.

Nutrient diary calculates daily energy requirements

With the innovative nutrient diary, your guests can calculate their personal energy consumption after entering certain parameters such as gender, height and activity status anonymously. The nutritional values of all food and drinks consumed show exactly where the daily requirement has already been exceeded or not yet met.

Obtaining valuable customer feedback

The feedback module allows you to conduct surveys in order to obtain valuable customer feedback. There are different types of questions to choose from: single choice, multiple choice, star ratings and open questions. Of course, you can also combine them with one another to get exactly the answers you really need.

Simple ordering system for your guests

Your guests can use the mocca.order module to place orders for food and drinks on the mocca.loyalty website. They first define the time and place, then place their personal pre-order. Payment can also be made directly via the website. At the selected time, the food is either picked up, delivered or consumed in the company restaurant.

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Individual addition through generic modules

Adjust the menu items on your mocca.loyalty website according to your needs. Set a menu heading including an icon and store any link to a document or website. For example, you can easily display catalogs, videos or job offers via the mocca.loyalty website.

Login anytime, anywhere

The best thing about the mocca.loyalty website: Your guests can access it from anywhere. Regardless of whether you log in directly at work, comfortably at home on the couch or on the go: All information and functions are available at all times.

Website in your corporate design

With the mocca.loyalty website you get a comprehensive customer loyalty tool, which we will of course be happy to adapt to your corporate design. By using your logo and your company colors, the website becomes a digital figurehead for your company.

Features and benefits:

  • newsfeed with news
  • display of the current menu plan
  • view all invoices
  • checking and topping up credit
  • individual bonus programs
  • innovative nutrient diary
  • obtaining feedback
  • ordering and paying for menus
  • extension by generic modules
  • login at work or at home
  • adaptation to your corporate design

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