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Cashless payment with chip cards

When using cashless payment with a chip card system, you can load employee cards with credit at the moneyloader mocca.value. The moneyloader supports all common card technologies such as Mifare, Legic, HiTag and NFC.

Payment at the POS and at the vending machine

Afterwards, at each consumption in the canteen, in the company restaurant or at the vending machine, the amount to be paid is deducted from the credit balance. If there is not enough money on the card, the customer can recharge the credit at the moneyloader.

Charge credit with cash, debit cards and credit cards

The operation of the mocca.value moneyloader is easy and quick. The instructions on the 15” touch screen show exactly what to do. Within a few seconds, you can recharge the card for the desired credit.

There are different variants of the moneyloader available. The mocca.value is served purely with cash. At the mocca.value+ customers can be charged with EC and credit card in addition to cash.

In addition, your guests can also use their payroll account to charge their credit. In this variant, the card is upgraded with an amount that is automatically deducted from the employee’s payroll account at the end of the month.

In order to offer your guests the greatest possible comfort in the company restaurant, you can offer them several different payment options.

Complete transparency for your guests

At the cash register, guests receive a receipt with the current credit balance for each purchase. In order to give the best possible overview of the personal transactions, your customers can also look at their past consumptions at the mocca.value moneyloader and reprint all receipts.

In addition, there is the possibility to check the balance with the mocca.loyalty App or at a terminal. You offer your customers complete transparency.

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Safe and reliable

The steel housing, which is several millimeters thick, protects the moneyloaders against unauthorized cash withdrawals. Every time you open a moneyloader with your key, a message is sent to the central management software and the current cash balance is saved.

Quick overview of the money balance

The sales data of your moneyloader will be sent to the head office via the network. You see a clear overview of each withdrawal of the cash box and the transfers of credit cards and debit cards to the bank. Count the cash and check it quickly, as the number of different banknotes is listed in the evaluations.

The credit balance of a card can be viewed by authorized persons in the system at any time. If a card is lost or stolen, the amount can be blocked or transferred to a new card immediately.

Features and advantages:

  • Mifare, Legic, HiTag & NFC
  • charge credit with EC card, credit card or cash
  • charge credit via wages & salary
  • easy operation of the moneyloader
  • big display with clear instructions
  • complete transparency
  • reliable & safe
  • quick overview of the money balance
  • card simply lockable if lost

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