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Contactless ordering and collection at the refrigerator

With the mocca.order&collect refrigerator solution, you enable your guests to easily pre-order meals via their own app or website, pay directly without cash and collect them from the refrigerator without contact.

By giving your guests the convenient option of picking up pre-ordered meals via the refrigerator solution, you can offer them the best possible care at any time of the day – even outside of the canteen hours.

You minimize all efforts in relation to the order acceptance and distribution, while your guests will be delighted by the flexibility and convenience.

The refrigerator has several compartments that are assigned to the food assortment. After the pre-order has been authenticated, only those compartments are opened that contain a pre-ordered meal. So you can be sure that everything will run smoothly when it comes to distribution.

5 benefits

of the refrigerator solution

  • easy and cashless pre-ordering
  • production of meals as required
  • contact-free collection of meals
  • minimization of the expenditure
  • flexible collection even at off-peak times

The order and collection process

1. Select collection location & collection time

In the first step, the guest selects the desired collection time and the collection location from the available options using the mocca.order ordering system. Orders can be placed via any browser on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone on an own website, via an own app or via an on-site ordering terminal.

2. Select products

The guest selects the desired products for pre-order from the available range of dishes. The stored product photos and details help with the selection.

Heroimage Kühlschranklösung mocca.order&collect

3. Pay cashless

The guest now pays for the pre-ordered products without cash. All common payment methods such as prepaid credit, debit and credit cards, wages and salaries, Klarna or PayPal are available on the website or in the app. At the order terminal, the employee card can be used to pay for wages and salaries or prepaid credit.

4. Open the refrigerator

So that the refrigerator cannot be opened by anyone, but only by the actual pre-orderer, the latter must authenticate. This works at the terminal on site either with a chip card, with the NFC function via the mocca.loyalty app or with the help of a QR code. The refrigerator door and the assigned compartment with the ordered products then open automatically.

5. Remove products

As a last step, the guest only has to remove the products he has ordered and enjoy them.

Features and Benefits:

  • innovative solution
  • easy and flexible ordering
  • photos help you choose your dishes
  • cashless payment with all common payment methods
  • production exactly as required
  • contactless collection
  • conservation of resources when serving food
  • no effort for order acceptance and cashing


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