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Order and pick up via self-ordering

Would you like to modernize and accelerate the ordering and serving processes in your company restaurant? Then processing via the self-ordering system is the ideal solution for you.

An innovative self-service system digitizes the processes for ordering, paying and serving meals in your canteen. Self-ordering terminals enable your guests to order and pay for meals independently. They can see the processing status of the order at any time via guest monitors and are informed immediately and fully automatically when the food is ready to be picked up. This decoupling of the ordering and payment processes optimizes the entire food serving process and tedious queuing for food serving and at the checkout area are things of the past.

5 benefits

from self-ordering

  • efficient ordering processes
  • elimination of cashier activities
  • fresh preparation of the dishes
  • reduced guest contact in times of Corona
  • shorter waiting times for guests

The ordering and issuing process

1. Self-ordering at the order terminal

The guest goes to the order terminal, where he chooses his meal at a self-service checkout. The cash register display can be subdivided into several tabs so that the guest can keep an overview even in large company restaurants. Each tab stands, for example, for its own product line or a specific pick-up counter. For example, the tabs “Vegetarian”, “Meat”, “Asian” and “Italian” can be defined. The orderable items can be stored with pictures so that the guest can quickly see which food they can order.

2. Multiple ways to pay

After the food has been selected at the order terminal, payment is made directly there. All common payment methods are available for this: Your guests can pay directly with the credit on the chip card, you can settle monthly in retrospect via wages and salaries or you can connect open payment methods such as EC payment to the self-ordering order terminal.

Heroimage Self-Ordering

3. Status information on the guest display

When the payment has been successfully completed, a pick-up receipt is printed out for the guest, which, in addition to the pick-up number for the food ordered, can also have a logo from the corresponding pick-up counter on it. When ordering at several counters at the same time, the guest will also receive several pick-up receipts. The pick-up number immediately appears on the guest displays with a status display above the corresponding pick-up counters with the information that the meal is being prepared.

4. Order information on the production monitor

At the same time as the pick-up number is displayed on the guest display, the relevant order is also displayed on the production monitor in the kitchen once payment has been completed. The kitchen employee can click on the incoming order on the touch monitor to display all the details.


5. Automatic printing of the pick-up receipt

After the kitchen employee has prepared the food, he clicks on “Done” on the touch display of the production monitor to approve the order for collection. A pick-up receipt with the pick-up number is automatically printed on the kitchen printer, which serves as a control means for the food distribution.

6. Pick-up information on the guest display

At the same time, the pick-up number immediately appears on the guest display of the corresponding pick-up counter with the information that the food is now ready for pick-up. Before the guest can enjoy his meal, he only has to show his printed pick-up number at the counter and take his order.

Features and benefits:

  • innovative technology
  • more efficient ordering & payment processes
  • coordinated production & serving of meals
  • minimized effort for taking orders & cashing
  • intuitive operation
  • attractive presentation of the products
  • optical support in the selection of dishes
  • supports all common payment methods

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