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Transparent information ensures satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are the basis of every business success. If you want to attract new customers or better retain existing ones, you need to understand their needs and meet their wishes. Often customers simply want the transparent supply of information that is relevant to them. Among other things, this works with a user-friendly customer information system. ventopay has the optimal solution for this with mocca.digitalsignage.

Individually adaptable to customer needs

With the digital signage solution, every monitor in the restaurant can be filled with information tailored to your customers. The pre-configured design templates in the management software mocca.admin save you time-consuming design measures.

You can make adjustments to the company’s corporate design at any time with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, you can also deposit individual components of a dish with prices and display them to the customer.

Easy administration

Thanks to the mocca.interfaces standard interface, standard merchandise management systems (eg from Delegate) can be easily integrated into the mocca® system environment. If you do not use a merchandise management system, the digital signage customer information system can optionally also be managed via mocca.admin.

After initial setup and configuration, which is done by ventopay together with the customer, the system runs completely automated. Complex administrative tasks are no longer necessary from this point on.

Heroimage Customer information system mocca.digitalsignage

Compliant with current legislation

As with all other mocca® products, the digital signage solution is, of course, compliant with current legislation.

For example, all products and components can be labeled with allergens and ingredients or additives. Optimal information transfer is now possible with the customer information system from ventopay.

Conscious nutrition made easy

For many people, the topic of “conscious nutrition” is becoming more and more important today.

For this reason, the “Gastronomic Traffic Light System” (GAS) developed by Volker Peinelt was integrated into the digital signage solution of ventopay.

The system makes it possible to evaluate and label food, meals and menus according to nutritional and preventive medical aspects.

Even the offers in the “free-flow” can be marked with it and give the guest a quick orientation as well as the canteen operator assistance with optimizing the offers.

Features and advantages:

  • customer information system for transparent pricing & information design
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • design of the digital signage solution according to your own wishes
  • time savings in administration
  • possible integration of merchandise management systems
  • compliant with all legal requirements
  • inclusion of nutritional aspects
  • quick orientation for the guest

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