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Contactless payment with every card technology

In order to be able to introduce contactless payment in your company restaurant, you not only need a functioning POS system but also a card reader for the contactless chip cards.

Pay within a split second

The right card reader will be selected according to the card technology you use and connected to the cash register. Employees pay within fractions of a second by placing their cards on the card reader. Waiting times at the cash register are a thing of the past with contactless payment.

Whether standard or special – ventopay has the solution!

The card reader mocca.reader supports all popular card types such as Mifare, Legic, Near Field Communication (NFC), HiTag, Nedap and HID.

If you still use a different type of card, this is no problem. All special technologies can be integrated into the mocca® system by the ventopay development department.

Optimized for speed and range

The mocca.reader card readers are designed to ensure fast payment and identification. The range of contactless card readers has been optimized as well as the rapid recognition of new cards. This allows a fast run at all cash registers and payment stations.

Find out about the preferences of your guests

By placing the cards on the card reader, all consumption data of your company restaurant are recorded and these can be evaluated centrally in the management software mocca.admin.

The consumption data of the individual employees are stored anonymously in the system. However, aggregated data gives you information about the preferences of your guests. You can align your offer with this insight and increase your sales.

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Integration of existing cards

You already use chip cards that you do not want to exchange? ventopay analyzes your existing cards and integrates them into the mocca® system. Due to the many years of experience of our experts with chip cards, you will receive immediate feedback on whether your card is supported by default or whether adjustments in the system are necessary.

You already have access cards in use and would like to extend them by one segment for contactless payment? Then you can be sure that the new payment function in the company will be accepted quickly. Because your employees already have a card in use, they will be motivated to enjoy the many benefits of contactless payment with it as well.

Features and advantages:

  • shorter waiting times due to contactless payment
  • card technologies: Mifare, Legic, NFC, HiTag, Nedap, HID, ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 18092
  • card reader is optimized for reading speed
  • quick recognition of new cards
  • faster passage at the cash registers
  • insights into the guests’ preferences increase sales
  • extension of existing cards with contactless payment segment

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