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Terminal with elegant design and multiple functions

The mocca.terminal in a modern design made of fine wood not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its diverse fields of application. With the 15'' touch display, the terminal can be used, for example, as a moneyloader, a pre-ordering terminal, a information terminal or a self-service cash register - there are hardly any limits to the possibilities.

Cost-effective moneyloader

Similar to the mocca.value+ moneyloader, your employees can also recharge their credit at the mocca.terminal using a debit or credit card. The built-in card reader in the terminal reads all card technologies such as Mifare, Legic, HiTag and NFC.

The 15″ touch display, the built-in receipt printer and the additional EC terminal complete the cost-effective alternative to the classic mocca® moneyloader.

Terminal for pre-orders of your employees

With the mocca.order pre-ordering system ventopay offers the possibility to pre-order food online. In order to present the required hardware visually appealing, it can be clad with the noble terminal made of wood. mocca.terminal is also ideal for your foyer.

The planning of the food offered in the canteen and the required use of goods is efficiently designed and your employees will enjoy an innovative system for pre-ordering food and drinks.

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Terminal for credit display and receipt control

In the mocca.terminal, for example, the mocca.info+ can be obstructed, offering your employees a modern system for querying the current credit on their own chip card.

By installing a receipt printer, you give the guests of your canteen the opportunity to not only check their history of consumptions and receipts, but optionally also print them right at the terminal.

mocca.terminal as self-service cash register

Equipped with appropriate software from the mocca® system, you can also ideally use the mocca.terminal as a self-service checkout.

Your employees or guests of your canteen select their consumed food and beverages on the touch display, pay with the employee card and print out the accompanying voucher on their own.

Features and advantages:

  • modern design
  • noble birch wood (solid)
  • various uses
  • flexible equipment with desired hardware
  • moneyloader
  • pre-ordering system
  • terminal for credit display
  • self-service cash register

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