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Self-service machine for cashless payment

In many canteens and company restaurants, not only employees but also guests are allowed to consume. To minimize the administrative burden of hosting external people, the use of cashless payment is the optimal solution.

Charging and paying off credits at a machine

The guestcard machine mocca.guest is the ideal supplement for a cashless payment option, since it handles the complete handling of the guestcard for you. Instead of providing staff for all administrative activities, such as issuing a guestcard, and charging and paying off credits, your guests can complete these tasks at the self-service machine.

All functions in one device

The guestcard machine is intuitive and has several functions. At the machines, guests purchase their immediately usable cards, which can be paid by cash, debit card or credit card.

It is also ready to load credits on the guestcards. Finally, the guestcard machine also takes the cards back and pays off remaining credits and the card deposit.

Complete payment cycle

With the reliable and easy-to-use guestcard machine mocca.guest you create a complete payment cycle that your customers and guests can carry out independently. This makes it easier for external people to consume and visit your restaurant.

The card machine has advantages for everyone involved: your visitors enjoy a stress-free and pleasant restaurant visit and your staff is actively relieved. You can also realize administrative savings.

Support of all popular card technologies

mocca.guest supports all popular card technologies. Whether Mifare, Legic, HiTag or NFC – the guestcard machine can also be used in your canteen. Our specialists will gladly advise you on the selection of suitable guestcards.

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Highest security and offline operation

The guestcard machine mocca.guest consists of a sturdy steel housing with special closure. The device software is protected against third-party access and all sales and transaction data are stored in a highly secure database.

mocca.guest is also working offline. In case of a network failure, the operation continues undisturbed until a connection can be made again and the data can be transferred to the central office for billing.

Exact billing of all deposits and withdrawals

With the guestcard machine mocca.guest you can bill all deposits and withdrawals. You get a clear overview of the card deposit and the different payment methods such as coins, cash, debit and credit cards. Your customers benefit from a cent-precise billing, which eliminates any misunderstandings.

Features and advantages:

  • complete handling of guestcards on one device
  • minimized administrative effort
  • pay & recharge at the card machine with cash, EC & credit card
  • pawn management
  • easy operation of the guestcard machine
  • Mifare, Legic, HiTag & NFC
  • robust steel housing
  • reliable & safe
  • offline-capable
  • exact billing

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