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Make payment processes effective and efficient

The mocca.touch cash register is the heart of the mocca® cash register and payment system. High-performance software and robust hardware characterize the mocca® system and are essential for a smooth canteen operation. In order to make the payment process in the company restaurant even more efficient, ventopay also offers a range of peripheral devices beyond the cash register such as barcode scanners, card readers, receipt printers and customer displays.

Customer display mocca.display

A customer display gives the guests, for example, information about the recorded consumption, the current receipt and the current card balance.

ventopay offers various models of customer displays. You will receive both 2-line and full-graphic displays. The VGA displays are available in sizes 8” and 10”. The customer displays are mounted directly at the back of the cash register, but on request there are also suitable display holders for these peripheral devices.

Cash drawer

For the operation of a cash register with cash a cash drawer is necessary, in which all bills and coins are sorted stored. You can choose between a cash drawer and a flip-top.

Barcode scanner mocca.scanner

ventopay offers you barcode scanners, which make it easier and quicker to capture products with imprinted EAN code. This speeds up the cash flow considerably.

In addition, the barcode scanner allows payment via the mocca.loyalty app. For this purpose, a QR code is generated in the smartphone app, which includes information about the consumptions and the payment amount. Payment at the checkout is made by scanning the code with the barcode scanner.

Libra mocca.scale

By connecting the mocca.scale libra with calibration certificate, products can be billed according to a basic price and weight. The scale mocca.scale contains a customer display, where weight and price can be read transparently. The ideal supplement in your company canteen, for example for salad buffets.

Heroimage Peripherals mocca.peripherals

Card reader mocca.reader

The card reader mocca.reader can read and write all common card types. Among other things, he supports technologies such as Mifare, Legic, Near Field Communication (NFC), HiTag, Nedap and HID.

mocca.reader speeds up the checkout, as every payment takes place within fractions of a second.

EC terminal

The EC-terminal offers guests the possibility to pay for their drinks with a debit card or credit card. You can choose between classic card insertion and contactless payment via NFC.

Docking station

For mobile POS systems, ventopay also offers a convenient docking station with USB, network and charging interfaces.

Receipt printer mocca.printer

ventopay offers several receipt printers for different applications. The high-quality thermal printer for the POS generates a cash receipt for the customer for each sales transaction.

For mobile use, the lightweight and extremely robust thermal belt printer is the right choice. The product range also includes a printer designed for use in the kitchen. This is available as a thermal and dot matrix printer.

Features and advantages:

  • more effective processes using barcode scanner, card reader, etc.
  • increase efficiency through peripherals
  • additional benefit for guests
  • independent components
  • extension as desired

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