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Identification and cashless payment

ventopay offers a wide range of media with contactless chips for identification and cashless payment. Choose from our range of chip cards, tokens, key rings and bracelets the solution that meets your individual requirements.

Help in choosing the right technology

ventopay has specialized in contactless smart cards and token systems for almost 20 years. Among other things, the mocca® cash register and payment system is open to these popular card technologies: Mifare Desfire, Mifare Classic, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, Near Field Communication (NFC), HiTag, Nedap, HID, 125kHz, ISO 14443A/B and ISO 18092.

To choose the right technology for you, just let us know your requirements. The ventopay specialists will gladly advise you to find the payment medium that offers the best value for money.

A card for all consumption points

With chip cards, your employees can pay contactless and cashless at the various consumption points. The tedious cash handling at the POS is eliminated, which results in a significant cost reduction for you.

At the same time you offer your customers the greatest possible comfort. Whether pre-ordering system, cash register or different vending machines, your employees can pay anywhere with the chip card.

Time registration, access and payment in one

The contactless chip card for cashless payment can be used for numerous other applications. For example, use time tracking or access with the same card to minimize administrative overhead.

The automatic data collection not only saves time, which would be necessary for a manual capture. At the same time you avoid incorrect entries and increase the quality of your data. Error-free analyzes are guaranteed.

Do you already have an employee card in use to control access or time recording? The specialists at ventopay are happy to analyze your existing cards and check whether they can also be used for cashless payments.

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Easy management of card data

You can manage your customer data centrally in the management software mocca.admin. Add cards and people to the system, lock unused cards or rename people. All this on a single administration page in mocca.admin – clear and easy to use.

Individual card layout according to your wishes

You want to print the cards with the name and personnel number of the employees, your logo or even with your individual layout in corporate design?

ventopay will gladly assist you in selecting the right printer or print the cards in-house. For large quantities partner companies guarantee the highest quality in offset printing.

Features and advantages:

  • ventopay specializes in chip cards & tokens
  • professional advice
  • large selection of different media
  • Mifare Desfire, Mifare Classic, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, NFC, …
  • comfort for your guests
  • expense reduction
  • combines several functions on one chip card
  • simple data management
  • individual card layout

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