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Intuitive operation of the cash register and payment system

The ultimate goal of ventopay is to make the operation of the mocca® cash register and payment system as easy as possible in order to save a considerable amount of time for everyone involved. The clear, intuitive design of the products reduces your employees' questions to a minimum, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in your hospital.

Pay completely cashless in the hospital canteen

Existing chip cards, which regulate the access of the employees in the hospital, can be extended by a segment for cashless payment. With ventopay not only your employees, but on request, patients pay contactless and cashless.

Patients can pay cashless for all consumptions in the hospital canteen as well as for all additional services. Contactless payment is thus possible at cash registers, vending machines as well as for usage of telephony and the Internet.

Efficient issuing of payment cards

Employees and patients of the hospital can get their payment card conveniently at special guestcard machines. By cash or debit or credit card, the desired amount of credit will be charged to the card.

When leaving the hospital, the card can be returned at the same machine and the remaining balance is paid out immediately.

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Central billing

With centralized billing, you have an overview of all the cash flows from the hospital canteen and manage the processes efficiently. Depending on your needs, you can bill the cash registers and machines individually or collectively.

You maintain all prices and price groups centrally. Subsidies and benefits are configured once per customer group. For example, the automated conversion of prices for employees, patients and guests is possible.

Certified interfaces

ventopay’s hospital canteen systems are certified and have standardized interfaces to enterprise resource planning and hospital information systems (HL7) as well as to SAP, personnel and time recording systems. If necessary, these can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Individual special developments are possible

In addition to the simple, cashless payment in the hospital canteen for employees and patients, ventopay meets all the requirements that a hospital places on the billing of cash registers and vending machines.

If you still have special needs, special developments are of course possible. In a meeting, they are first defined exactly. Efficient programming processes allow flexible adaptation to the specific needs of your hospital.

Your advantages:

  • easy operation for employees & patients
  • clear & intuitive product design
  • effective processes in the hospital canteen through cashless payment
  • efficient card handling
  • central billing for all cash registers & vending machines
  • assignment of different price groups & subsidies
  • certified standard interfaces
  • individual special developments


Customer opinion

Reiner Kühne, Project Manager, Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH:

“The goal for the Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken at the Marienhospital Stuttgart was to modernize the existing payment system for employees and guests. The challenge was that the employee cards in circulation should be kept. After intensive consultation with ventopay the ideal solution has emerged quickly. We have said goodbye to the old I²C chips and consistently switched to the Mifare technology. In the restaurant, it is not only possible to pay cashless but now also contactless. In the course of the changeover, the cash transfer was completely banished from the cafeteria. This ensures a smooth flow at the POS. The seamless connection to the in-house HR management system, as well as the comprehensive reporting system leaves almost nothing to be desired.”

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