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Innovative ordering solutions for optimized food supply in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes

Our innovative and integrated overall system consists of a POS system, payment system, billing system and ordering system as well as an app for employee communication. It offers you a wide range of options for digitizing the food supply for employees in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. With various ordering options and a user-friendly app, we create a seamless and efficient experience for everyone involved. In addition, you optimize and digitize the processes at the checkout in your canteen or staff restaurant.

Flexible ordering options

Thanks to our intuitive ordering system, employees in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes can pre-order their meals conveniently and easily. It doesn’t matter whether you use an app on your smartphone or a website on your laptop or PC – pre-ordering is quick and intuitive. It is also possible to pre-order via station terminals. No matter which medium is used to pre-order: Individual orders per day are just as possible as menu plan orders for the entire week. The ordering system is seamlessly integrated into the POS cash register system of the staff restaurant or canteen, so that nothing stands in the way of quick payment and simple billing for all customer groups.

Simple station pre-order

In addition to individual orders, we also offer the option of collective orders for the entire ward to save time when ordering food. Since only one employee has to take care of pre-ordering for the entire team, the rest of the staff saves time. The dispensing options range from consumption in the canteen to collection at the cash register in the staff restaurant and delivery directly to the ward. In addition, the integration of refrigerator solutions and micro markets is possible, so that 24/7 catering can be offered in the hospital or nursing facility.

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Individual payment systems

Our ordering system offers various options for processing payment at checkout. Our POS system for canteens and staff restaurants supports both open-loop and closed-loop systems. Open-Loop allows users to pay using major payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards or mobile payment methods. Closed-loop systems, on the other hand, use an internal debit card that is specially developed for the hospital, nursing home or retirement home. In addition, with our cash register system for the staff restaurant and canteen, we offer you the option of billing via cost centers. This is particularly useful for hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes that want to allocate meals to their respective cost centers and charge accordingly.


Central billing

With the central management and accounting software, you always have an overview of the payment flows from all cash registers in the canteen or the staff restaurant as well as the connected vending machines and control the processes in your nursing home, hospital or retirement home very precisely. You can configure subsidies and privileges individually for each customer group. You maintain prices and price groups centrally in the POS system. The cash registers and connected vending machines in the healthcare facility bill you individually for each cash point or collectively across all devices, as you wish.

Direct employee communication

Our mocca.loyalty app serves as your central tool for employee communication. It offers the latest news, site maps, information on car park occupancy, the meal plan and the option of pre-ordering. Individual forms of nutrition (e.g. meat, vegetarian, vegan) and allergens can be stored in order to enable tailor-made suggestions for the food selection. A nutrient diary provides information about the calories and macronutrients already consumed. With the feedback function, the employees can then give feedback on the food consumed, which enables you to tailor your food offer to the customer’s wishes.


Seamless integration

The ordering system is not only seamlessly integrated into the POS system of the staff restaurant or canteen, it can also be linked to third-party systems. ventopay offers standardized interfaces for simplified data management. All common merchandise management, HR, access and time recording systems as well as SAP, HL7 and payroll programs can automatically exchange master and sales data with the interface module. This enables us to create effective data communication and optimize processes in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes.

Efficient kitchen management

Our ordering system also offers a production monitor with real-time data synchronization, which helps you in the kitchen when planning production quantities. This allows you to easily and accurately plan kitchen processes to ensure a smooth food supply while minimizing food waste.


Intuitive operation

The primary goal of ventopay is to make the operation of the mocca® cash register, payment, billing and ordering system as easy as possible in order to save a lot of time for everyone involved. The clear, intuitive design of the products reduces the questions of your employees to a minimum and thus ensures smooth and efficient processes in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes.

Individual special developments

In addition to simple, cashless ordering and payment in the hospital canteen, ventopay meets all the requirements that a hospital places on the billing of cash registers and vending machines. Should you nevertheless have special needs, special developments are of course possible. They are first precisely defined in a joint meeting. Efficient programming processes then enable flexible adaptation to the individual requirements of the hospital, nursing home or nursing home.


Your advantages:

  • digitized processes & effective workflows in the hospital
  • different, simple order types
  • flexible payment systems according to your individual needs
  • central data maintenance & billing for all cash registers & vending machines
  • allocation of different price groups & subsidies
  • seamless integration & certified standard interfaces
  • efficient kitchen management & precise requirements planning
  • clear & intuitive product design
  • easy operation for employees
  • individual special developments


Customer opinion

Reiner Kühne, Project Manager, Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH:

“The goal for the Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken at the Marienhospital Stuttgart was to modernize the existing payment system for employees and guests. The challenge was that the employee cards in circulation should be kept. After intensive consultation with ventopay the ideal solution has emerged quickly. We have said goodbye to the old I²C chips and consistently switched to the Mifare technology. In the restaurant, it is not only possible to pay cashless but now also contactless. In the course of the changeover, the cash transfer was completely banished from the cafeteria. This ensures a smooth flow at the POS. The seamless connection to the in-house HR management system, as well as the comprehensive reporting system leaves almost nothing to be desired.”

Take advantage of our innovative ordering solutions to optimize the food supply in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. Enable quick payment in the canteen or in the staff restaurant and easy billing of all cash registers in the cash register system via the central management software. In addition, increase the satisfaction of your employees with our app. With our integrated checkout, payment and ordering system, you can improve your operational processes and take the step towards modern and efficient food supply in your facility. Contact us today to find out more!

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