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In 2016, ventopay won a public tender from ÖMBG (Österreiche Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft mbh). Over the course of a year, more than 60 canteens were equipped with almost 100 stationary and mobile mocca® POS systems.

The successful cooperation has since been continued. Together, ventopay and the ÖMBG developed a concept for digitizing the ÖH bonus system.

Digitization of the ÖH bonus system

So far, students received ÖH stickers (so-called “Mensa-Pickerl”). These had to be sticked into the student ID card and presented at the cash register to receive a discount on the canteen menu.

Since the summer semester 2018, this system is digitized. The students register once and anonymously with their bank card at the cash register. They will then receive a registration voucher with which they can activate the ÖH bonus.

After the authorization via the bank card or the new ÖMBG app, the ÖH bonus is automatically granted when paying at the cash register.

Registration process for the digital ÖH bonus system Mensa.Club
Registration process for the digital ÖH bonus system Mensa.Club

Numerous advantages with the digital ÖH bonus system

The ÖH bonus system ensures anonymity, as no personal data is stored.

The granting of the bonus works fully automated after showing the bank card or app. Upon request, students can pay cashless at the same time, which brings a significant acceleration at the cash register.

With the new solution, the bonus is granted only once a day per card, which brings for the ÖH the advantage of abuse preventention.

The ÖMBG also benefits from numerous advantages offered by the digital bonus system: billing is now automated, thus the entire process was optimized and made highly efficient.

The new solution also significantly reduces the administrative burden of the student enrollment process for the ÖH bonus system.

In addition, the Mensa.Club ensures strong customer loyalty. For every consumption in the cafeteria students receive bonus points, which they can exchange for attractive bonuses.

The many advantages of the Mensa.Club
The many advantages of the Mensa.Club

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