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Innovations are a great chance to stay in business in the future. For this reason, megatrends in 2020, such as digitalization, health and individualization, are being pursued not only as part of the development of mocca® products, but also in research projects.

Project HoReMaL with renowned partners

Following the completion of the ADPAY (Advanced Data Analysis for Payment Systems) project, ventopay recently launched the next research project entitled HoReMaL.

This acronym stands for High Customer Retention for Restaurant Systems through Nutrition Ontologies, Transfer and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning.

For the HoReMaL project, ventopay collaborates with well-known partner companies: SCCH (Software Competence Center Hagenberg) and SIPCAN (Special Institute for Preventive Cardiology And Nutrition).

Tasks & goals of HoReMaL

HoReMaL’s mission is to identify trends in dietary habits, to make predictions about food consumption and to provide guests with individualized offers.

This achieves important goals: highly satisfied guests with a high degree of customer loyalty, increased restaurant sales, better planning of food choices and avoidance of food waste.

Thoughtful approach

The project is divided into several phases. The first step is to identify the nutritional preferences of students and professionals at universities and in companies using questionnaires. This allows us to predetermine the decisive factors influencing the choice of food.

In the next step, an evaluation possibility of the food will provide further insights into the preferences. Subsequently, recommendation systems are created, which are converted into forecasting systems in the last step.

Transferable systems

A special focus of the project is data protection, because all data is treated confidentially. Important insights gained at one location can be transferred anonymously to new locations and can be applied there immediately.

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