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Innovations for a shortage of skilled workers, sustainability and flexibility

Raunheim/Hagenberg/Vienna, October 12, 2023: ventopay and Delegate, long-standing industry leaders with over 50 years of industry experience, continue to rely on a successful partnership. Three groundbreaking innovations for community catering were presented at the first joint customer event. Feedback that can be played out directly at item level, the automatic import of pre-orders and incentive systems with real-time management dashboards offer digital added value for customers. Solutions that provide answers to the industry’s current challenges – a shortage of skilled workers, sustainability and flexibility.

With more than 50 years of industry experience between them, ventopay and Delegate are among the market leaders in their respective areas. The companies have had a close partnership for many years, which enables deep integration of both systems. The seamless integration of many features ensures a smooth data exchange between ventopay’s checkout, payment and customer delight app and Delegate’s food service software. Information about items, menu plans, allergens and nutritional values is transferred and further processed via standardized interfaces. Customers benefit from greatly reduced administration effort, optimized processes and increased transparency.

Valuable feedback thanks to direct, digital guest contact

The new feedback system, which can be played directly to guests via the ventopay customer loyalty app, provides immediate feedback at item or menu level. This feature allows canteen operators to create desired feedback in their Delegate Foodservice software and push it in real time to those guests who actually consumed the item. The connection of feedback to the recipe or menu compositions is automated, without manual effort, and reaches product development directly. The feedback can be used to improve new recipes and menu compositions as well as for the continuous development of existing recipes. The seamless integration of Delegate and the ventopay app enables central control of the desired rating.

Direct import of guest pre-orders into menu planning

With the second innovation, restaurateurs can now import pre-orders from the app or website directly into the menu planning. Through the interface, quantities are automatically transferred to the food service software and incorporated into the menu planning. This allows for more precise planning of production and purchasing, resulting in reduced costs and less food waste.

Achieve sustainability goals – with incentive systems and management dashboards

Goals for sustainability and CO2 emission reduction have long been set in the management levels of communal catering. How can these be implemented in the important area of employee catering? The company’s goals are often in contradiction to the culinary preferences and needs of the guests and the kitchen.

Guests appreciate tasty food, the kitchen prefers dishes that their guests enjoy and are easy to prepare. However, these foods are often neither healthy nor sustainable. This challenge requires a solution that takes into account the interests of all parties involved.

Abbildung 2: Darstellung des CO2-Footprints in Echtzeit © ventopay gmbh
Achieve ESG goals: keep an eye on your CO2 footprint at all times

In order to achieve this goal, attractive incentive systems are offered via the ventopay app. For example, B. Bonus points can be awarded for particularly sustainable dishes. The gamification approach shows the CO2 footprint in real time and offers the opportunity to compare yourself with colleagues – who has the best score in the company? With GAS scoring, employees, operations managers and companies can see at a glance how “healthy” a dish is. In combination with the management dashboards, the incentive systems are a real game changer for achieving sustainability goals at individual locations or company-wide.

We go one step further. The partnership between Delegate and ventopay doesn’t just stop at the groundbreaking innovations presented. Our R&D departments are working hard on the next digital game changer based on artificial intelligence for public catering.

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