Digital innovations for company restaurants at one of the leading healthcare companies

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The global player, one of the world's largest producers of medicines and diagnostics, was looking for innovative solutions for its company restaurants at two German locations. Daily catering for around 16,000 employees needed to be made even more efficient and attractive. The central challenge was to create innovation and digital added value for employees, while existing components such as food vending machines should be optimally reused for sustainability reasons and seamlessly integrated into the new overall system.

Goals achieved - innovation while reducing costs

The existing food vending machines were seamlessly integrated into the new overall system. This now consists of an innovative cash register, payment and billing system as well as digital customer enthusiasm solutions. The central component is the extensive employee app with pre-order system and mobile payment.

Technically, the integration of the existing vending machines was implemented using a dual wallet system on the existing employee ID cards. This solution enabled the client’s high requirements in terms of innovation to be optimally met while reducing costs at the same time.

Groundbreaking development of a dual wallet system

ventopay introduced the dual wallet system on the existing employee cards and linked them to the new app. The dual system allows employees to use the well-known offline wallet for payments at the existing vending machines and cash registers.

At the same time, the new online wallet introduced many innovative online services, such as modern and convenient mobile payment at stationary and mobile checkouts, a customer loyalty program, a pre-order system and digital hospitality workflow. The credit can be transferred between the two wallets at the moneyloader terminals.

Customer statement global healthcare company
Customer statement global healthcare company

Process revolution with digital hospitality workflow

The app linked to the employee ID card offers, among other things: infotainment, menu plan display, mobile payment, e-receipts, reports and new, the digital hospitality workflow.

Employees can request hospitality directly via the app and assign it to cost centers, with all legally relevant information recorded.

A QR code is then displayed in the app, which is scanned at the checkout to automatically book the meal to the cost center. The workflow simplifies and speeds up the process significantly.

Seamless transition ensures high acceptance

The simultaneous use of the online and offline wallet enabled a smooth transition of the payment systems.

Employees use moneyloader terminals in the company restaurant to top up their two wallets and transfer credit between the systems. ventopay’s dual wallet system ensures that both worlds mesh smoothly.

The high usability, the attractive app features and the practical, dual wallet system led to quick acceptance and positive feedback among employees.

Basis for future innovations

The dual wallet system and the app linked to the employee ID card offer numerous advantages for the group’s workforce. At the same time, this creates the perfect basis for further future innovations.

The innovations in the company restaurant are not only perceived as extremely positive by the employees. The special developments and perfect project management on the part of ventopay as well as the successful implementation of this groundbreaking project within time and budget also led to an enthusiastic response from the client himself.

“We receive very positive feedback from our employees. Ordering and paying has become easier, so there is more time at lunchtime to enjoy the break. By integrating the existing vending machines, the project costs were reduced and innovations such as the extensive employee app were introduced.”

Project manager of the leading international healthcare company

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