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INTERNORGA 2024. Experience digital innovations from ventopay.

New products, innovative features and the overall digital platform mocca® – this is what visitors to INTERNORGA 2024 can look forward to. Experience digital innovations from ventopay for communal catering from 8th to 12th March in Hamburg. We look forward to your visit in the hall for “Digital Applications” at stand A2.337.

Our innovations, from ordering and payment to billing and customer enthusiasm, provide answers to the industry’s major challenges – digitalization & AI, sustainability & health as well as staff shortages & flexibility.

INTERNORGA is the leading European trade fair for the entire out-of-home market. Under the motto “Leading the way”, the latest trends in the industry will be presented at the Congress Center Hamburg from March 8th to 12th, 2024.

Digital innovations from ventopay

Automatic invoicing with mocca.invoice+

Optimize operations with mocca.invoice+. The outgoing invoice module eliminates manual steps by automating invoice creation and shipping. Define the recipient, the interval and other parameters once and let mocca.invoice+ carry out the billing – manual quality control and adjustment of the settings is possible at any time using a workflow system. No more massive administrative effort – mocca.invoice+ creates room for growth and automates your outgoing invoices.

Real-time operational controlling – even on your smartphone

The management dashboard enables precise controlling and optimization of your company restaurants in real time. The dashboard provides key figures at the location level as well as across the company and enables quick reactions to deviations. The key figures are available 24/7 in real time via an app on a smartphone or web-based for evaluation on a PC. Achieve operational goals with efficient operational controlling.

Automatic invoicing with mocca.invoice+
Automatic invoicing with mocca.invoice+

Achieve ESG goals: keep an eye on your CO2 footprint at all times

The real-time display of the CO2 footprint makes the development of operational sustainability transparent. Employees can keep an eye on their own carbon footprint at all times and can compete with their colleagues thanks to the innovative gamification approach. For managers, the ESG key figure is displayed per company or across all locations. Filters enable individual adjustment of the step size (day, month, quarter, year) as well as the selection of locations and can be accessed via app or browser. Achieve ESG goals and keep an eye on the operational CO2 footprint. Sustainably successful!

Promote corporate health

Health promotion is an important factor in modern working environments. The key figure offers guests easy guidance when choosing their menu and the opportunity to analyze their own eating and drinking behavior afterwards. The specially developed gamification approach motivates guests to improve their eating habits and compete with colleagues in an exciting competition. The peer group comparison is particularly motivating. Promote health, reduce sick leave and at the same time increase productivity in your company – this is now easy to do with the ventopay system.

Abbildung 2: Darstellung des CO2-Footprints in Echtzeit © ventopay gmbh
Achieve ESG goals: keep an eye on your CO2 footprint at all times

Ordering system expanded to include conference catering

The successfully established ordering system has been expanded to include the option of ordering food and drinks for meeting and conference rooms. The “mocca.order Conference” feature is fully integrated into the overall digital platform. The extension is characterized by intuitive operation, automated forwarding to the kitchen, transparency and traceability in the event of subsequent changes, and billing based on cost centers. Save valuable resources and open up new sales markets – simply and digitally.

Convenient table ordering via QR code

In the mocca.order ordering system, guests can now conveniently place their orders directly at the table using the ventopay app. A simple scan of the QR code opens the ordering option for the guest. Thanks to the seamless connection to the production terminal, the order including the table number is automatically transmitted to the kitchen and the service staff. This fully automated process creates significant relief – especially in times of skilled labor shortages.

Convenient table ordering via QR code
Convenient table ordering via QR code

24-hour catering with Smart Fridges

Experience the innovative Smart Fridge, which is seamlessly integrated into the digital mocca® system. The refrigerator lock is only unlocked automatically after you have purchased and paid for the desired items on the touch display or via the ventopay app. The selected products can then be easily removed. The removed products are billed fully automatically. This reduces the strain on your personnel resources and at the same time you can ensure 24/7 or off-peak catering.

The smart future of shopping

Discover our innovative checkout solution – the smartest checkout in the world, integrated into the mocca.loyalty app. Guests experience uncomplicated purchases on their smartphones through direct product selection in the app menu, product scan or QR code scan. This modern alternative to trust checkouts in self-service areas offers more flexibility and security. The smart checkout even works offline, enabling convenient shopping without an internet connection. The purchase is debited automatically when the smartphone is connected to the Internet again. We will soon present another revolution for even more digital added value. Stay tuned for innovations!

24-hour catering with Smart Fridges
24-hour catering with Smart Fridges

Self-order terminal with production and guest monitor

Self-ordering terminals enable guests to order and pay for food independently. The integrated system consisting of a self-ordering terminal, a production monitor for the kitchen and a guest monitor digitizes the entire process up to the point at which the food is served. The production monitor in the kitchen ensures an overview of all open orders at all times, while the guest monitors display the processing status and immediately inform guests that they are ready for pickup. Newly integrated: Ordering at the table via QR code.  Increased efficiency of the entire process – real added value for your gastronomic concept.

Self-checkout cash register with optical food recognition

The latest, super compact self-checkout cash register with AI food recognition automatically records menus and drinks via camera and books them into the cash register system. The final payment process takes place via self-checkout, practically using a QR code scan with the guest’s smartphone. The latest mocca.foodrecognition solution only requires a tablet as hardware – space-saving and flexible. For significant relief for your cashier team.

Self-order terminal with production and guest monitor
Self-order terminal with production and guest monitor

ventopay app with innovative extensions

Discover the advanced mocca.loyalty app that allows you to communicate directly with your guests. In addition to the proven functions, the app now also offers innovative features such as the CO2 footprint, health indicators and management dashboards with all relevant key figures. The AI-based news feed and automatic translation of news, a parking space finder and a occupancy display for guest flow control complete the offer. Gather valuable feedback on menu offerings and offer your guests transparency about their transactions. Sustainability, flexibility and employee relief – the digital canteen in your pocket has a lot to offer!

Digital Signage Deluxe – From the plate directly to the screen

Goethe already knew: “Food should first please the eye and then the stomach.” With our innovative function, you can simply photograph dishes with your smartphone and link them directly to the corresponding item detail in the central administration platform mocca.admin. With just the push of a button, you can automatically display the images on your digital signage screens. Awaken your guests’ appetites in seconds and increase the sales of your dishes.

Digital Signage Deluxe – From the plate directly to the screen
Digital Signage Deluxe – From the plate directly to the screen

SoftPOS Solutions – All in one handheld

New to the product range – the all-in-one SoftPOS solution is fully integrated into the overall digital platform. The light and compact handheld combines the mobile cash register and an EC terminal for quick, cashless payments in one device. An integrated receipt printer is available as an option. This compact all-in-one device ensures efficient processing of orders and payments directly at the guest’s table.

SoftPOS Solutions – All in one handheld
SoftPOS Solutions – All in one handheld

Experience further highlights live:

Micro und Smart Market Solutions
Micro und Smart Market Solutions
Innovative solutions for access, payment, self-checkout and 24/7 catering in times of staff shortages and flexible working hours


Smarte Devices
Smart devices
Lightweight and easy-to-install hardware replaces complex checkout stations


Nachhaltigkeit - digitalisiert, einfach
Smart sustainability
Simple solution to reduce food waste through pre-ordering and forecasting based on AI


Webshop und Bestellsysteme
Ordering systems
(Pre-)order for in-house consumption, take-away, collection and delivery with subsidy-based payment, increasing sales through ad-hoc ordering


Integrierte Lösung
Integrated solution
A central database enables the entire use of the system – from the payment system and the cash register to individualized employee communication – as well as flexible expansions and long-term scalability

Bargeldlose Kassen- und Bezahlsysteme
Cashless cash register and payment systems
POS, tablet and smartphone cash register systems with mobile payment via NFC, QR code and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)


Individualisierte Kommunikation - begeisterte Gäste & Anwender
Individualized communication – enthusiastic guests & users
Customer loyalty and customer enthusiasm via app and website – mocca® is part of the employer branding strategy


Vollautomatisches News-Modul für die App
Fully automatic news module for the app
Integration of an AI-based news module (Newsadoo) to provide target groups with relevant news from a variety of sources


Neueste digitale Lösungen in der mocca Plattform
Latest digital solutions in the mocca® platform
Digital proof of origin, new layouts for digital signage, e-receipts on the customer display, digital hospitality receipt, integration of reusable tableware, and much more.


Gastrofeatures für POS-, Tablet- und Smartphone-Kassen
Gastro features for POS, tablet and smartphone cash registers
New features for public catering such as table vouchers, different price levels and EC payment

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