5 solutions for sustainability & reduction of food waste

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Would you like to take a pioneering role in the areas of sustainability, health and digitalization? With the products from the mocca® overall platform you are making the perfect choice.

Did you know that according to WWF reports, around 40% of the food produced worldwide is not consumed and instead ends up in the trash? A study by the “United Against Waste” initiative – which ventopay has supported for many years – shows a similarly alarming picture. In the test companies, food waste was up to 46% of the meals served.

This is exactly where we come in with our digital solutions. Through demand-based production, food waste is greatly reduced and production control is improved. In addition, efficient, digital customer loyalty creates a high level of awareness among your guests regarding their individual consumption.

In this issue you will find our proven top 5 solutions to combat food waste. The next Innovation Insights will continue with digital sustainability solutions.

5 solutions to combat food waste

1. Produce as needed thanks to the mocca.order ordering system

The pre-order system mocca.order supports you ideally with the biggest challenge in communal catering: the precise and efficient planning and production of the required dishes. With the system, employees announce in advance what they would like to eat at a defined time by placing a pre-order. The system allows you to set individual deadlines for pre-orders and cancellations. This means your guests only have the opportunity to pre-order, change or cancel meals up to a time specified by you. Once the pre-order deadline has passed, the kitchen and restaurant manager can immediately calculate the exact amount of goods required. With the mocca.order ordering system, you produce exactly as needed. Overproduction and food waste are now a thing of the past.

2. Align the menu offerings according to guest preferences with the mocca.loyalty app

The feedback function in the mocca.loyalty app allows you to obtain important feedback from guests about the general menu or the company restaurant. There are different question types available to you, which can also be combined with each other. This innovative function provides even more exciting insights: With the help of push notifications, you can request feedback at item or menu level immediately after consuming the food. This means you receive daily, up-to-date feedback that allows you to draw valuable conclusions. The feedback can be used to improve new food offerings as well as to continuously develop existing recipes. In this way, you can tailor your menu exactly to the preferences of your guests.

3. Boost sales of slow-moving items with the mocca.loyalty bonus system

Needs-based and customer-oriented planning and production of the food offering is an important step in reducing food waste. But what should you do if a dish doesn’t sell for unforeseeable reasons? Using the mocca® system, the slow sellers of the day can be advertised, for example, with a push message from the mocca.loyalty app. For products that are in low demand, you can offer a discount or offer extra points for the mocca.loyalty bonus system. This incentive via push message is a simple and effective way to boost sales of slow-moving items, reduce food waste in community catering and at the same time increase customer loyalty.

4. Adjust portion sizes individually using the product configurator

To combat the problem of food waste, it makes sense to adapt portion sizes to the individual needs of guests. In the canteen you can easily do this by asking personally when the food is handed out. But how do you determine the desired portion size when ordering in advance? ventopay has a solution for you: The new product configurator in the mocca.order ordering system allows your guests to design the dishes according to their individual wishes and preferences. You can also use this function to ask for the desired portion size. The result: Your guests receive individually tailored portion sizes, which means that the food is finished more likely. Reducing food waste has never been easier.

5. Optimize menu and quantity planning with AI support

The two research projects ADPAY & HoReMaL from ventopay have set themselves the goal of developing customer loyalty programs and enabling predictions for menu engineering. Using AI and automated predictions about guest preferences, menu and quantity planning can be optimized. This not only increases sales, but also promotes customer loyalty. Improved resource planning, minimized food waste and clear controlling are also among the advantages. The research results are continually incorporated into the improvement of existing products and the development of new products. This means you can continue to expect innovative features from us for sustainability and against food waste in the future. Of course we will keep you updated!

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