A positive lunch experience at Sonova thanks to mocca®

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In the summer of 2018, together with the Swiss distribution partner ELEKTRON, ventopay realized a major project for Sonova AG in Switzerland. The company, which specializes in hearing aids, employs 1,000 people at its headquarters in Stäfa, 650 of whom take their lunch daily in the Bistromax company restaurant.

Self checkout counters minimize queues

The rebuilding of the staff restaurant and the commissioning of the mocca® system have considerably shortened the queues and increased customer satisfaction. Of the total of twelve cash registers installed, only one is served by staff.

At all other cash registers, guests can pay independently and cashless with their access badges. The required credit is topped-up by the employees at the moneyloader mocca.value+. Cashless payments are also possible for the 14 beverage, coffee and snack machines with mocca.vend modules.

mocca® in use at Sonova AG in Switzerland
mocca® in use at Sonova AG in Switzerland

Positive experience thanks to innovative app

The mocca.app developed by ventopay has been adapted to the corporate design of Sonova AG and is available to employees under the name Bistromax app.

Among other things, this allows guests to keep track of their personal transactions, retrieve the current daily menu and obtain information on the ingredients.

In addition, the restaurant manager regularly contacts the guests in the form of push messages on the topic “Did you know that …?”.


Report in the magazine Salz & Pfeffer

Salz & Pfeffer, the Swiss magazine of the gastronomy, published a comprehensive report about the Bistromax and the innovative cash register and app solutions at Sonova.

Report in German on: Website of Salz & Pfeffer.

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