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Julius Blum GmbH commissioned ventopay to switch to the cashless cash register and payment system mocca® at the seven plants in Austria.

Julius Blum, among other things, relies on vending machines in terms of providing food and drinks for employees. Nearly 180 vending machines were equipped with the mocca.vend modules from ventopay and replaced the discontinued payment system Quick. These modules are characterized by automatic configuration and simple operation. In addition, the modular design and the compact dimensions allow installation in any machine.

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In the canteens of the seven locations, ventopay launched a total of 23 stationary and nine mobile mocca.touch cashier systems. For payment, the already existing and NFC-compliant employee cards were integrated into the mocca® system. To recharge these cards, the employees have more than 20 mocca.value moneyloaders available. At the same, time the purchases made can be viewed at these machines and receipts can be printed on demand.

Management and controlling of all cashpoints is done centrally with the management software mocca.admin. Any data can thus be evaluated in real-time for all sites and made available by automated reports.

Julius Blum GmbH is a global company specialized in production of furniture fittings. The main product groups are folding-, hinging and pulling systems for furniture – especially kitchens.

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ventopay ist the specialist for cash, payment and billing systems for communal catering. As a full-service provider, we offer a one-stop system that is used by company restaurants, caterers, canteens, universities, schools, stadiums, arenas, recreational facilities, hospitals and vending operators.

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