Smartphone-exclusive payment at BSZ Biberach

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In September 2021 – after just a few months of project lead time – ventopay put the mocca® cash register and payment system into operation at Kreis-Berufsschulzentrum Biberach. The special thing about this project: Payment is made exclusively with the smartphone, including vending machines.

Although it is a closed-loop system, there are no payment cards in the vocational school center. The payment system is based solely on the mocca.loyalty app, in which students and guests can register themselves. Credits can then be topped up easily and conveniently directly via the app, just like all payments at Kreis-Berufsschulzentrum Biberach.

Payment can be made at five cash registers, which, in addition to the usual peripheral devices such as customer displays and barcode scanners, are also equipped with acoustic signaling devices that use a tone to signal that the receipt has been successfully completed.


Vending machine payment with Bluetooth

In addition, 14 mocca.vend machine modules were introduced that only work with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and are also operated via the app. This mobile payment solution for vending machines works in three simple steps:

1. Select machine

The guest selects the desired machine in the mocca.loyalty app. The credit from the app is immediately available at the machine.

2. Select product

Now the guest selects the desired product at the machine.

3. Enjoy

The product is dispensed and the guest can enjoy it.

The advantages for Kreis-Berufsschulzentrum Biberach are obvious: By using this innovative and cashless payment function, the tedious handling of cash at the vending machines is no longer necessary.

Since the BLE vending machine module has small dimensions and is therefore suitable for all common vending machines, the customer also benefits from simple evaluations and billing via the mocca® system.