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Sustainability has always been a very important topic for ventopay. For this reason we have been part of the “United Against Waste” initiative for many years and try to reduce food waste to a minimum with the mocca.order ordering system, among other things. Our sustainability approach has also been expanded to include a partnership with the company Vytal.

Every German causes 226.5 kg of packaging waste per year and this is exactly where Vytal tries to counteract. The company offers reusable tableware that consumers can borrow free of charge from more than 6,500 contractual partners. The high-quality reusable containers are leak-proof, BPA-free and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.

Integration of Vytal functionality into the mocca® POS system

The functionality relating to the handling of reusable packaging has now been integrated into the mocca® POS system. The consumer first registers in the Vytal app, where a personal QR code is created.

When renting reusable packaging from a contractual partner, the reusable tableware is automatically assigned to the guest at the checkout.

Technically, this works by scanning the personal QR code in the app and the QR code on the reusable crockery with the barcode scanner connected to the mocca® POS system.

In this way, both manned checkouts and self-service checkouts can be equipped with a multi-dwelling system.

After borrowing, the consumer has 14 days to return the reusable container, otherwise a fee will be charged. If he brings it back in time, there are no costs for the guest.

VYTAL integration into the mocca system
(c) VYTAL Global GmbH

Satisfied partners on both sides

“Sustainability accompanies us in our daily activities. With Vytal we now have a partner on board who lives these values as well. In the course of the cooperation, we were able to integrate an innovative reusable solution into our mocca® system, which allows our catering customers and thus the end consumers to easily and conveniently do without packaging waste. Due to the reform of the packaging law implemented in Germany, this topic has been very important for all restaurateurs since 2023 at the latest.”

Ing. Johannes Reichenberger, Managing Director, ventopay gmbh


“We are passionately trying to make reusable the standard for to-go consumption. The laborious process of producing and transporting packaging so that it ends up in the garbage and is burned after less than 30 minutes is a huge waste of resources. We are all the more pleased that we have found a partner in ventopay who supports us in bringing a convenient and sustainable alternative to disposable and plastic waste into communal catering.”

Dr. Tim Breker, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Vytal Global GmbH

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