Five steps: Cash Register Security Regulation

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On 01.04.2017, the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV) enters into force. As of this date, each cash register must be equipped with a technical security device for protection against manipulation. A feature of the RKSV is an additional, machine-readable code (QR code) on the document.

This QR code contains the receipt data and a signature value. The signature value is calculated based on the revenues made by the the cash register. In addition, the document data are concatenated in sequence. A manipulation would destroy this concatenation and is therefore detectable.

Only five simple steps separate you and your mocca® system from the

legal compliance with the RKSV:

1. Acquisition of a signature generating unit in the form of a signature card

A signature card is like a personal stamp, which electronically signs the documents of the cash register and thus clearly assigns them to a company. The signature card of the public trust service provider A-Trust GmbH, PrimeSign GmbH and GlobalTrust GmbH can be obtained directly via ventopay.

2. Initialization of the tamper-proof cash register

ventopay provides a software update for each cash register via remote maintenance before it can be used. The signature card is then connected to the cash register.

3. Create the first receipt

The next step is to create the first receipt. A business transaction with the amount zero has to be recorded in the registration fund. Then the cash register is ready to be used.

4. Registration of the signature card and the cash register

Since the end of August up until 31.03.2017 at the latest, the signature card and the cash register can be reported via FinanzOnline. The following data must be entered in the data collection mask, which are then checked for validity by FinanzOnline:

  • type of seal creation device
  • serial number of the seal creation device
  • name of the trusted service provider
  • cash register identification number
  • AES key of the cash register

ventopay provides all the information you need using a predefined report in mocca.admin.

5. Checking the first receipt

The last step is to check the signature on the first receipt with the BMF Belegcheck app. It checks whether the signature has been created with the correct data as well as the personal stamp. The app immediately returns the information, if the test is successfulor not.

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