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Make payment processes effective and efficient

The mocca.touch cash register is the heart of the mocca® cash register and payment system. High-performance software and robust hardware characterize the mocca® system and are essential for a smooth canteen operation. In order to make the payment process in the company restaurant even more efficient, ventopay also offers a range of peripheral devices beyond the cash register such as barcode scanners, card readers, receipt printers and customer displays.

Customer display

A customer display informs the guests about purchases made, the current receipt and the current credit balance. ventopay offers both two-line and full-screen displays. The latter are available in sizes 7 and 11 inches. On request there are matching pedestals or display mountings.

Cash drawer

For the possibility of the cash payment a cash drawer is necessary, in which the bank notes and coins are kept sorted. In addition to a cash drawer also a flip-top version is available.

Barcode scanner

In order to accelerate the cash runs, ventopay also offers a barcode scanner. This allows products with an imprinted EAN code to be recorded more easily and quickly. In addition, the barcode scanner allows payment via the on smartphones.


By connecting our libra with calibration certificate, products can be settled according to a basic price and weight.

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Card reader

The card reader mocca.reader can read and write all chip card types. It supports all common types of cards such as Mifare, Legic, NFC (Near Field Communication), HiTag, Nedap and HID.

EC terminal

The EC terminal offers guests the opportunity to pay for their consumption by debit card or credit card.

Receipt printer

The high-quality receipt printer generates a bill for the customer for each purchase.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • more effective processes
  • increased efficiency
  • additional benefits for guests
  • independent components
  • extension as required

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