Stationary POS system: robust, high quality and powerful

With our cash registers we are independent regarding the hardware manufacturer. This means for you: You will receive cash register hardware according to your individual needs. We have a suitable cash register solutions for every requirement and area of use, whether for companies, caterers, arenas, hospitals, schools or universities.

Optimized systems

With regard to our hardware and software, performance is the key to our success. Our cash registers run with Windows system, optimizing the overall system to the requirements of the mocca® software. The adapted operating system and the BIOS thus guarantee a quick start and a high-performance operation of the cash register. Together with the easy-to-use checkout software, this contributes to efficient customer service at the POS.

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Long-term availability

The long-term availability of the information entered into the cash register and the cash register hardware itself is our top priority. The perfect combination of high-quality hardware and software means that all POS purchases made by your customers are stored in the system in the long term.

Ready for every case

The cash register hardware is specifically designed for the needs of canteens and kitchens. It is made of sturdy material, even moisture is no problem for the cash register, so our cash desks are even suitable for the special needs of the industry.

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Innovative and reliable

Innovation and the use of the latest technology are our top priority. Nevertheless, it is important to us to ensure high flexibility and compatibility of our cash registers and to reinforce the already well-known hardware reliability.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • independent of the hardware manufacturer
  • powerful
  • user-friendly cash register software
  • long-term availability of the data
  • flexible areas of use
  • reliable hardware

Which cash register peripherals does ventopay offer?

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