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Consumption and credit always at a glance is a system for displaying credit on the mocca® payment cards, which allows your guests to check their current balance at any time. In addition, all consumptions from the past can be viewed. The printing of receipts is also possible for guests upon request.

Transparency for your guests is a system that displays the current credit of a mocca® payment card. In addition, all past consumption can be viewed at any time. Printing of receipts is also possible on request.

Current credit balance at a glance

With the current credit balance on a chip card or a token can be viewed at any time. The card is placed on a card reader in order to read the remaining credit balance of the payment medium. The card reader is located directly at the terminal. The customer always keeps his credit balance at a glance.


Avoidable paper waste

In case of conventional payment systems, a separate receipt is issued for each sales transaction. In the case of a large event or a high number of guests, this means a considerable time effort. Also the printing costs and the resulting paper waste should not be neglected.

Display and print of documents

These problems don’t appear with the mocca® system from ventopay. is an innovative approach to greatly simplify the issuance of documents. Each receipt is collected electronically via the mocca® system. If necessary, the guests can display their vouchers at the terminal at any time and print them out themselves. With the, the guests have the possibility to carry out an electronic receipt check at any time and from anywhere. This means that there is no need to print documents at the POS. This saves time as well as money and avoids paper waste.

Own development and production

The credit display system is a proprietary development of the company ventopay. The hardware terminal as well as the required software are developed and produced at the headquarters in Hagenberg.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • full transparency
  • current credit can be viewed at any time
  • insight and printing of receipts
  • reduced paper waste
  • in-house development of ventopay
  • easy handling

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