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Standardized interfaces for efficient data exchange

With mocca.interfaces, ventopay offers standardized interfaces for simplified data management. All standard merchandise management, HR, access and time recording systems as well as SAP, HL7 and payroll programs can use the interface module to automatically exchange base and sales data via mocca.interfaces.

Simplified management

With mocca.interfaces, ventopay offers standardized interfaces for simplified management of your data. All major ERP-, HR-, access- and time recording systems or SAP, HL7 and payroll programs can automatically exchange base- and sales data via mocca.interfaces.

Real-time transfer of data

mocca.interfaces simplifies the management of your data since these are automatically taken from other software systems and therefore do not have to be entered twice. The data is transferred in real-time or can be transferred to the mocca® system at special times according to the customer’s request. All interfaces are configured during the installation and then transfer the data autonomously.

Rapid system integration

The software mocca.interfaces software is modular and can be quickly configured by trained employees. Therefore exports or imports of customer software can be integrated very quickly into mocca® . This saves valuable time, creates stability and reduces costs.

You get the data in the format as you need it

With mocca.interfaces it is possible to select which data fields should be exported and which contents are transferred. It is fully configurable, whether you need CSV, TXT or HTML format in your system or if the data should be exchanged via Web services. ventopay implements additional special requirements with its own development department very quickly and competently.

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Clear, transparent and certified

The interfaces are transparent and easy to configure. Once set, they are also certified by ventopay so that all data will continue to be transmitted correctly during software updates.

Optimized analysis

In termens of interfaces, possible sources of error must always be taken into account. Therefore, ventopay has its own interface analysis program, which identifies the error in a very short time. As a result, ventopay saves valuable time for its own support and the customer as any problems are solved quickly.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • simplified management
  • automatic payroll accounting
  • standardized interfaces
  • simple and individual adjustments
  • high reliability and transparency
  • security for software updates
  • TXT, CSV, XML and Web services

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