Guestcard machine: easy to use for your visitors

If external guests are allowed to access your cafeteria, then our guescard machine is the ideal supplement for cashless payment. Instead of setting up staff for this activity, there is the option to use the reliable self-service machine. This way, also external guests can spend time in your company restaurant and enjoy it stress-free.

mocca.guest guestcard machine

Reduction of administration time

The mocca.guest guestcard machine sells cards that are paid with cash or EC and credit cards. It tops up the credit of the guest and employee cards. In the end it takes the guest cards back and pays out the credit. You have a complete payment system with which your customers and guests can carry out all transactions independently. This makes consumptions easier for external guests and you benefit from new customers. Your staff will be relieved and you can realize savings in the administration.

Maximum security and offline operation

The mocca.guest guestcard machine consists of a robust steel case with a special lock. The software of the devices is protected against third-party access and all transactional data is securely stored in a database. mocca.guest also works offline – even without network the operation is continued undisturbed.

mocca.guest guestcard machine

Accurate and individual billing

With mocca.guest you can easily calculate all deposits and withdrawals. Card deposit and various payment forms such as coins, cash, EC and credit cards are shown clearly. Your customers benefit from accurate billing, which eliminates any misunderstandings. In addition, you can respond exactly to the wishes of your guests as you can evaluate which products sell best.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • pawn management
  • credit card, EC card or cash
  • reliable and safe
  • reduces administrative costs
  • easy handling
  • accurate billing
  • offline-capable
  • Mifare, Legic or HiTag
  • NFC

Take control of your business

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