Reporting software for automated reports

Do you spend too much time creating reports for controlling your business? Then mocca.reporting + the perfect tool for you. mocca.reporting + allows you to automatically generate reports for different departments in your company and automatically sends them to the recipients. This not only saves time but also avoids anger due to incorrect reports. With  mocca.reporting + they are a thing of the past.


Why are the reports so fast?

Data processing is done in the background and in real time. We have developed a special process to help you create your reports quickly and reliably. The intensive cooperation in research and development with leading Universities of Applied Sciences and universities creates technological advantages for ventopay.

Automatic sending of reports saves time

Do you need to create complex reports for your headquarters or for customers on a daily or monthly basis? – With mocca.reporting +, you can individually configure several reports and compile them into a report set. This allows you to create daily reports, monthly reports or individual report sets. Of course, mocca.admin also optionally sends the reports with a predefined text via e-mail. Your reports are always correct. Even representations during the holiday season can easily create the monthly reports.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • data processing in real time
  • automatic delivery
  • minimal administrative effort
  • error-free reports

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