Vending machine module: suitable for each vending machine

The mocca.vend vending machine module supports all types of cards. Whether you prefer to pay with Mifare, NFC (Near Field Communication), Legic, Hitag or other contactless cards – the mocca.vend modules read all the cards. In order to achieve the greatest benefit of mocca.vend, your individual access or time recording card can be integrated into the mocca® system. Your employees only have one card with which they can perform many actions. Of course, we will gladly provide you with your individual cards.

Suitable for every vending machine

The module mocca.vend is also suitable for small machines. Due to the modular design, where reader and control board are separated, mocca.vend adapts exactly to your needs. The software automatically configures itself and recognizes which machine it is connected to – whether it is coffee, drinks, goods or deposit machines.

Not only during lunch time but also outside the opening hours of the canteen, you can enable your employees the advantages of cashless payment and billing. After the machines are equipped, the annoying cash payment is omitted. Employees often do not have the necessary coins. In addition, cash handling is no longer necessary for you as an operator, which can not only be cost-intensive but also time-intensive. We provide you with a simple solution. We would be pleased to send you a set of mocca.vend to test the usage.

Our solution is already in use with the most common types of vending machines. Which vending machines do you have? We can tell you if these are suitable for the mocca® system.

cashless payment with vending machine module mocca.vend

Simple billing – even with cost-accounting cards

The data is transmitted via USB stick, network or WLAN. The mocca.vend module is now ready for use and sends the data to the management software as soon as the connection is established. With the use of mocca.vend you have combined the vending machines with all other consumption point in your company in one system. With the management software  mocca.admin the data of the mocca.vend vending machine modules can be evaluated. Thus, you have a central view that allows you to manage all consumptions from all the different machines.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • small dimensions
  • automatic configuration
  • easy handling
  • higher sales
  • integrated deposit account
  • cost center cards

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