Pre-ordering system for efficient menu planning

The planning and organization of community catering has to be very accurate and efficient. A tool that can be very helpful in this regard is a pre-ordering system. Employees annouce in advance what they want to eat. The kitchen and the restaurant manager can plan exactly which products are required. Over-deliveries and overproductions are a thing of the past. Produce exactly as what you need and bill exactly. Thus you increase customer satisfaction and also do something for the environment.

mocca.order pre-ordering system

Different areas of application

You can use mocca.order for the most different areas of application. Your customers choose their favorites from a number of lunch menus. The menu is picked up by the employees in the canteen during the lunch break. Another possibility is the delivery of the ordered goods. The ordered food can be distributed in snack packs or menu dishes. The employee saves time by getting his food directly delivered to his workplace. The canteen operator saves time and money by only producing what is really required.

Easy menu planning, clear administration

You operate mocca.order over a clearly structured web interface. You can store photos and short descriptions for all products. You also have the allergen labeling under control. By specifying an individual order period, you can adjust order deadlines in order to optimally plan. Your deliveries will only be carried out wehen you know exactly what is really needed. Your customers can use any popular web browser and always know how to order because of the intuitive user design. Food can also be ordered or canceled on the go.

mocca.order pre-ordering system

How do your customers want to pay?

mocca.order offers several payment options. Choose between card payment, direct debit or cash. Your customers identify themselves with cards at a terminal or you check using a list. mocca.order simplifies your workflows with customized hardware and software.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • faster transactions
  • easy handling
  • web and smartphones
  • continuous improvement of financial results
  • clear reporting

How the calculation works

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