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Automatic recognition of food and drinks by camera

With the AI-supported solution for food recognition, menus and drinks are recorded by camera with component accuracy and booked fully automatically in the POS system. Cashless payment speeds up the entire checkout process by ten times.

Simple procedure in a few steps

The tray with the selected food and drinks is brought under the camera. The products are automatically scanned, recognized and posted to the POS system. There they can then be paid for without cash.

100% recognition rate

The food recognition software is tailored exactly to your product range. This means that the software recognizes all articles that are trained and stored in the system. This ensures a recognition rate of 100% for common foods. For variants of the day, the customer just clicks to add it as a new article.

Automatic booking in the POS system

The automatic recognition and booking of food and drinks in the POS system takes only 0.3 seconds. Including the cashless payment of the restaurant guest, the entire checkout process takes a maximum of 3 seconds. For comparison: A normal checkout process that requires manual intervention takes ten times as long at 30 seconds.

Cashless payment

Depending on the desired set-up, both open and closed loop payment options can be used. Your guests pay via the mocca.loyalty app or the mocca.loyalty website, for example with wages and salaries or with the help of prepaid credit. Card payments with EC or debit cards are also possible.


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Flexible assembly options

The food recognition with mocca.foodrecognition can be used in every company restaurant due to the flexible installation. The required camera can of course be planned in advance into innovative kitchen concepts. Of course, there are also various options for retrofitting. The mounting options range from installing the camera in the ceiling via a dedicated stand-alone terminal to the flexible camera arm, for which no structural measures have to be carried out.

Features & benefits

  • simple teaching of products in the system
  • 100%, component-specific detection
  • integrated quality control
  • fully automatic booking in the POS system
  • cashless payment
  • 10 times faster checkout process
  • reduced waiting time at the checkout
  • relieves the employees
  • flexible mounting options

“ventopay is one of the market leaders and innovation drivers in the industry. That is why we are proud to go into the most demanding projects with this competent partner. Especially when it comes to the design and implementation of holistic solutions, ventopay and Dishtracker technologies complement each other perfectly. “

Johannes Raudaschl

CEO Dishtracker

Johannes Raudaschl, CEO Dishtracker
Johannes Raudaschl, CEO Dishtracker

Functionality clearly explained in the video

The automatic food recognition with mocca.foodrecognition is amazingly simple: place the desired food under the camera, click the scan button on the display and pay contactless with the employee card on the card reader.


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